The Plant

The Plant is finally growing.  The one in my livingroom.  The leaves our finally stretching out and lengthening.  Reaching towards the sun.  Growing.  The Plant has laid dormant during the winter, during the cold.  I am just now seeing it coming back to life, back to the living.  Far from it's winter hibernation.

I too have laid dormant this winter, during this cold season.  It has been difficult to outstretch my arms and reach towards the sun.  It's like I've been asleep, curled up in my blankets for warmth.  Deep inside I curl up for warmth.  I want the sun to shine down upon me, transfer it's energy to me.  I attempt to gain energy through falsified sunshine.  A quick 12 minutes a couple times a week in order to try to keep my spirits high.  Oh, this winter has not been kind.  The cold harsh ice storms have covered me.  My heart crystalized in glittering stone.  I shut out the warmth.  Determined to cut myself off from the risk taking, perhaps I was attempting to heal from damages done previously.  Not let in...anything.

I have crashed.  Crashed into my bed.  Implosion found me.  Exhausted me.  I kept saying "What do I do now?"  I've imploded all over myself.  My Self has been torn.  The rips and breaks are leaking soul liquid.  I've leaked upon the sheets and the floor.  Leaked out what I was trying to hold.  I cried.  I haven't cried enough.  I can tell.  The tears still well up my eyes.  

I enjoy the sunshine.  I feel warm when it shines on me, in me.  The infusion is amazing.  I bet that if the Plant could tell me, it would tell me to welcome the spring and summer coming.  New seasons to grow in, new leaves to expand and take shape.  A new transformation coming.

We are ever changing.  The Plant and I.  I am the mirror for the plant to see it's growth.  Since it has no eyes I tell the Plant how it is beautiful.  The mirror to me is not always so kind.  A smile. A glance.  Reassurance.  The mirror I stare at is ever changing and revolving.  Like a door.  A revolving glass door.

That damn beautiful Plant, and I.

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Tarofiend, I love your comment, "You don't sound sad you sound growing." I'm gonna remember it forever! <br />
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Starprincess, I think you'd like this website A LOT:

Wonderful comment jp.....well said