Yes I Am.

Well.  I think I am an artist.  So there.  I stopped painting and collaging when life got really stressful a few months back.  But I am regaining my balance.  My current goal is to increase time I allow myself for art, and improve my drawing skills.

nicolaluna nicolaluna
36-40, F
1 Response Mar 4, 2009

I got very serious about my art back in "99" and it has really been an incredible ride. Lots of ups and downs but the ups are becomming more as time goes on. I too have been acused of being an artist. I have a few pieces of my work on my profile if you would like to look. One of the things I find incredibly hard to do is trasnslate what the client wants versus what I think they want. I'm a very free spirit so its very hard for me to do commercial work thats held to a certain style or exactness. I like to be the driving force doing the creating and not the client which as I said it has been a problem for me. I really just like it when they give me broad strokes and let me run with it. One thing I am really trying to do is continue my self taught learning. I do every online tutorial I can find and have time for and its cool to always be learning new style and techniques. <br />
When I'm learning it really makes me more inspired to do cool stuff. I recently started working with The Hamilton Mint and The Bradford Exchange on several products that have made it to the marketplace. What an awesome feeling! So even tho the economy sucks right now I will continue to try and make my living doing what I love and that art on my terms!