Who Can We Call An Artist?

Is education important to start working as an artist? Many years ago I chose the wrong way by going mathematical path and learning at Uni for 5 years. I was frustrated when I realized that being an Accountant is not my destiny. I changed my life by involving in different art spheres, drawing and learning new things in my free time. Today I sell my cute-style designs in online shop and I specialise in Interior Design.

What I would like to say is underline how important is to trust in your abilities and motivate yourself to do more and more.


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5 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Thank you for nice comments :) You help me believe in myself.

M.C. Esher was a mathematician, and a good artist.

I am an architecture student. People like you are called career change students here. They all have one thing in common with you: like art/architecture and don't quite like their initial major. But only a few have another common with you: good at it.

You are born with artistic ability .....ability is not taught... techinques are taught, but not the ability............ you go girl.....

Yeah you are right, but it's hard to believe in yourself when everyone says that it's difficult to earn money by drawing and it's better to work as an accountant. I think my parents are dissapointed althought I've always been a good student. Unfortunately sometimes we need to be an egoist..