I Have a Serious Problem

 I am in art school at Ringling College of art and design. I am specializing in painting.

Problem is I only like painting in Oil and they want me o open up to acrylic....I tried, but I couldn't get used to it. I got so frustrated I threw the painting down and smashed the canvas into pieces.. I felt so good after that, I won, at least for the time being I felt like I won. I still will be forced to use such a horrible medium next semester : p

acrylic me and you are not friends, okay?

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hahaha thats a great idea.

You should have kept the smashed canvas and given it a title, "Noooocrylic!!!" for example.

Thanks plumfrog : ) I have used all of that and I still hate acrylics!!! I am in painting 5 in college and I still dislike them : / I think it's a mental issue lol<br />
Thanks for your help!<br />

the gel medium is actually called gel medium. I know all those things because I'm taking a painting class now that was always taught in oils before but the prof was forced to switched to acrylics and wants to keep it like oils as much as possible.

when working with acrylics try using acrylic retarder. it slows the drying time of your paints and makes them work a little more like oil. there are also heavy gel mediums you can add to acrylic to make it thicker. and I know they are more expensive but heavy body acrylics in brands like golden and liquitex (not the see through tubes) are good quality and thicker.

I also have a hard time with colour, I am colourblind hehe. Greys are much better! I will keep working on it : ) Thanks for the insight!

I think as an artist, we are so critical about what we do but it takes time to open to other arts. <br />
I have a really hate time with color... Better with grays...<br />
At least i think other people say differently...<br />
so good luck and keep at it.