Finally I Got Off Ep Long Enough to Do Some Work!

Hey art fans! :D

I have done it! I got away from EP long enough to actually do some bloody work! LOL.

Albeit, not paid work; but that's okay. I am hoping I can use this as an example of what I do so I can get some paid work.

I recently met a guy on EP who has just set-up a page on facebook so that artists such as myself can exhibit for free. With a bit of luck I'll find a client somewhere, or rather, one will find me.

So.. I did a little sketch yesterday afternoon. Spent a while just getting the lines as accurate as possible, and today spent most of the day painting over it in pastel. The work is nearly finished now so I thought I'd take a quick break to do some EPing.

So here's a few pics for those who are interested. This is my (not quite finished) portrait of a "mystery" EPeep. You'll notice she still lacks a bit of colour, I wanted to wait until I knew what sort of overall tone the portrait would have before darkening the face too much with the richer colours.

So here it is, let me know what you think please!

First light colours applied here to see what kind of colours I fancy using on this picture.




Here I have begun adding the burnt umber to give me a dark tone to work toward as I fill-in the features.



Almost done now. Just needs some richer shades adding to the face to bring madame to life. :) Time for a coffee! LOL



A close-up shot of the nearly finished portrait of the mystery EPeep. I hope you all enjoyed and will give me lots of feedback.

I'll edit the story tomorrow, to include the finished work.

Hey. It's tomorrow!  So here's the (probably) finished portrait:

Unfortunately the sun has not shown itself at all today, and as a result the lighting has changed. The whole picture appears somewhat cooler in hue than it was yesterday.. you'll notice that most on the blue areas. This means that you can't see the change in the skin colour, which is a pity. I'll try to get another photo soon and swap it for this one, I can't say when though.. that's up to the weather.



The same stage. Probably ready to sign and apply fixative. Just a close-up photo to show the detail a bit better.

Hope you all enjoyed. :)


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25 Responses Jul 16, 2009

Bloody hell, my photos have disappeared. :(

lol. Thanks for commenting, Faucon. =)<br />
Madame is one of my EPeeps, but she hasn't posted her photo in any stories so I could hardly go naming her here. Sorry.

Thanks Betty. =) Practice then! :p <br />
Buy a book on portrait painting in your chosen medium first, though. =)<br />
<br />
I just wish more of my EPeeps would send me pics to paint from. :/ (hint, hint!)

ooh, thanks Freezie. It was VERY hard for me too! I'm still not happy with it, but I haven't had practice at doing them. I suppose they wouldn't normally be so near the face so wouldn't need to be shown so clearly.

The hand is astounding, hobo! It's VERY hard for most people to draw hands, so great job on that too!!!!!!! :)

Thanks. =)

WOW! that is quite good! :D great job! very nice!

even though the background is dark on the pic i think i may have used a pastle blue, grey or this green i have don't know the name though it's a dark sythetic like green. but then i like using those sort of colours as you know :). that one looks amazing as it is =)

Thank you, Luna. :)<br />
I might repeat this portrait some time.. so I wonder.. what colour background would you have gone for?

that is realy good you have her hair perfect the only thing i would have changed is the background colour but that one is fine

I agree with you on the face shape; it needs some adjusting. I did a self-portrait once, in pencil, and my face was far too long, and you seem to have done a similar thing here. Not sure what to suggest about the colouring as I've never used pastels, but yes, ditto some of the other comments, some brightness and lustre won't go amiss as you finish off today.<br />
<br />
Good going - I was wondering what you were up to!!!

Wow, so far so good!<br />
<br />
:)<br />
<br />
Im not giving any advice at all, since I know nothing about painting.

Ok - I really like it - I think you have done an awesome job for the first shot at a human!<br />
Im not sure it has the same polished look as your other works though - of course this may be due to it not quite being finished.<br />
I think the hair needs a little bit more work - more lushness and shine, maybe some deeper tones underneath - and I agree some blush to the cheek would make her look a little more vibrant and alive. Id probably steer clear of oranges and go more for pinks but you are the artists not me!! <br />
Over all its very well done Hobo, you should be pleased :)

I think it's really good. You have a lot of tal... oops I mean skill. Seriously it's really good. :)

You did a great job of capturing the details of the person. You are a great artist. Keep on drawing.

Thanks.. I'll have to check those out some time :) <br />
I've still left most of my albums private so you'll have to add me to see what I've not posted in stories.

Wow. Great work! I love looking at stages of artwork... I've posted some of mine on my blog, if you want to check it out. :)

Thank you, everyone for all the kind praise... <br />
but I did originally post just to share what a day off EP can do and ask for a bit of constructive criticism.<br />
I guess there's not much chance of criticism on EP though! lol. You're all so nice. I seem to be doing all the criticising myself! lol.<br />
I think madame's lacking in oranginess.. don't you think? she needs a little bit of a tan? Rather a lot of purply colouring in there.. she looks too cold at the moment. I thought the green background and blue clothing might make her skin tone look a bit warmer, but it still seems to need something more. Don't you think?

Very nice!!!!

Wow I'm not an artist but it sure looks like you have lots of talent. Good luck with your posting on that facebook site.

Thanks for all the compliments. :)<br />
Just do what you enjoy. If you enjoy what you do enough then you will find ways to develop your skill at doing those things. I always enjoyed drawing and painting enough to keep applying the above equation to that particular activity. You're a very good writer (and farmer! :p (~in-joke)) and you enjoy it, and do it repeatedly and apply your mind and much effort... so you write much better stories than I do. I could never be so inspiring and entertaining in my writing because it's not what I like to do.

Thank you my friend.... but<br />
Hey! Yooouve not been reading my stories! >:( <br />
lol.<br />
<br />
I don't like the word "talent" as I've said before in comments on one of my art stories. <br />
No one is born with the ability to paint, draw, write or play music, write poetry or anything else. <br />
<br />
One applies one's self with enthusiasm and care to what one wants to do, to develop one's skills over time!<br />
<br />
ingenuity + effort x repetition = skill

Aw, thanks... but it's not finished yet. Needs a couple more hours spent on it: skin's too doll-like (though madame's complexion is rather delicate), and her lips are not right at all, they should look much more kissable, oh, and her whole face is not quite the right shape at the moment.. needs properly shading and colouring to make the contours look right. At the moment I'd say it looks a bit flat, I think you can tell it's from a badly printed photo.

I've actually never painted a portrait of a human before, M0ooo, so no I haven't tried that. <br />
I do usually use this same method of putting several colours onto the paper first before building-up the picture, but I have only painted or drawn portraits of animals in the past, except on a few charcoal sketches where the human was just very roughly drawn in; or silhouettes which aren't portraits at all. I never did a half-decent hand either so I'm quite proud of how this portrait is progressing.<br />
I'll remember to check-out your pics tomorrow to see what you're referring to.. I think I may have done something similar to what you were referring to in one of my portraits of a smoky-grey cat which needed a bit of exagerated colour to make it more interesting.

Interesting comment, M0ooo. Thanks. Hmm.. what can I say.. the first la<x>yer is incredibly high-key (pale!) and so rainbow-like as it contains pale reds, yellows, blues, and a lot of white. To me it's "thin". Like the pastel drawing you'd expect a seventy-year-old lady from the 1970's to paint. It's like there's a shortage of pigment in the world, like there's a war on or something, lol. I could never leave a portrait that pale. To me it needs to be balanced.. and bring-out those gorgeous dark eyes that madame has. There's still a bit of work left to do on this.. I'm actually getting more and more unhappy with certain aspects.. I need to spend a couple more hours on it I think. sort-out that near cheek, put some more shading on the chin, and re-work the lips. Alsorts of other little touches to add. It'll be done for tomorrow, though. My eyesight has started to pack-in for today.