Miniature Schnauzer Step-by-Step

Hey art fans! Apparantly you like these sequences cuz they get a lot of views and some "heart"s lol so here's another one. :):)

I started this soft pastel portrait of a Miniature Schnauzer yesterday afternoon and I did a bit more this morning. It's just a practice piece and for fun but I hope you like it anyway.
Most of my paintings and drawings are done from (usually pretty bad) photographs of people's pets.
I try to do a reasonable job of making the pet recognisable, lol! I try to make sure the painting is fairly accurate, though changes to the image are often necessary due to bad lighting etc I try to keep that to a minimum to avoid making work for myself lol; but it's okay to put some of my own style in there and I think that's mostly in my personal translation of real fur photographed, into pastel strokes. Everyone does that a little differently. I've kept this one pretty sketchy so it was a fairly quick painting. :)

((it was a dark, stormy day today so the photographs are poorly lit, I need to get specific lighting for photographing my work - sorry.))

The sketch looks kinda goofy because I changed the colour of my pastel pencil depending on what I expected to paint over it with, not what colour would look right in the sketch, lol. Please bare with me, it gets better! :P

See, there definitely is a doggie in this paper! Let's try to bring him out more.. :)

With the darkest shadows (fur background) filled in now, and the lightest shades indicated I can see the gradient I will be creating so I can work from dark to bright shades to bring out the shape. Now I can beging painting bright/light shades over darker shades, from the back to the front, which happens to be the edge to the centre..

I've started and nearly finished his eyes here too, I'll probably alter then slightly but needed to paint them now because they are background to his fur. 

Still just putting light grey strokes over darker grey strokes, working my way towards the lighter shades and the foreground.

I feel happeir once I've joined it all up here from the deepest shadows up to the foreground where I'd indicated the white at the beginning. I'm pretty happy with the gradient and the feeling of depth now. Time for some finishing touches to sharpen it up a little.. :)

Hope you like it. :) I took some close up photos to show the pastel strokes better as pics are small on EP..


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Pictures reinstated. :)

Thanks, BrokenShell. =) Yes. I do mostly portraits of pets, mostly from photo's that the owner already has. Actually most are memorials really, for pets who have recently passed on so they don't always have very good photo's to paint from. I would prefer to take photo's myself as I can take lots and lots then just choose the most suitable one which is usually better than picking a photo from a limited number of them that the owner has. I also paint and draw people too; but I will paint anything I'm asked to. =)

Awesome!<br />
Do you do commissioned pieces?

Bahahahahahhaha! "You're an ***"! Aaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha!

Thanks Willboo. :) You're an ***.

You my friend are one very good artist!

Your drawing is wonderful <br />
<br />
Do you sell them?

Aw, thanks puzzles. =) *hugs*

This is beautiful, you're really good.

Thank you. =) *blushes*

oooo,so adorable,lol

OMG, you are so good

Thank you for all your comments. :)<br />
I think I have the picture just about finished now, but it's a dark and stormy day so I couldn't photograph it for you. I'll hopefully be able to do that tomorrow instead if there's a bit of sunshine. <br />
@c8lorraine: It's soft pastels, in the form of sticks and pencils.

Beautiful - Use your gift to make others happy

do you use soft chalk crayons

I love this one, very cute. :)

One word: Brava!

He's beautiful! Doing a really good job here Hobo :)

Thank you. =) It has some way to go yet, but hopefull I should get it done tomorrow. I just couldn't stay off EP today! :P

aww thats cute! and as always it looks amazing! =)