I Am An Artist, Have A Studio, Teach And Draw From The Nude Figuremodel Or Requests From Friends Of Friends.

I have been an artist a long time and still love what I do.  I have taught clay modeling (making a figure..usually a nude, out of clay)  taught painting, and still life and many student's favorit class, I have taught nude figure draw at my studio and at classes out at colleges.  I am not that old...come on give me a break!  :-)   I had a girl who wanted to try modeling for a class for the 1st time.   She came on time and I talked to her before by phone and there in the class in private.   She was willing and when I said we are all ready I aksed her to undress and she posed 20 mins then took her 5 min break.  Smiling at me (like was I ok>)  I smiled back.  She came to me nude while the students were at their easals.   I had forgotten to mention that for :breaks: she might like to have a robe.. ya know?  Well she stood there naked with me and we talked while the students were getting ready for the next pose and occassiaonally looked at us.   She stayed naked for the entire class except tp go to the bathroom.  Class was 5 hrs/college level/ and two 30 min breaks.   Yes she stayed nude during it all!  She was lovely, beautiful red head short cut and 24 +-  yrs younger than me.   She loved being naked that is for sure and it was fine.   


After 3 weeks in my class she asked about my studio.  I said yes I had a large studio.   "Would you like me to pose there for you as a private model?"   I said that is good/ in fact great!   Ok so we set it up for a sat. in summer.     She undressed when it was time to model and took many new poses I asked her to look at in art history books and fashion magazines.   Very good.  And again naked all day with me after our agreed 4 hr session.  She said she wanted to enjoy the studio and it was hot out so did I mind if she remain nude.   Ofcourse not!


She saw a men's magazine I hae drawn from on a table among some clutter.  She brought it over to me after looking a few mins. and asked if she could try these poses. Stunned, I said Ok.  Bet ummmm well but they are very personal and explicit!   Are you ok with that?   She said we are all people and these poses , well they don't bother me at all.   She did about 5 of them and they were fun to draw.  Again smiling and talking to me as she stood or layed there usually legs wide open or on her knees head bent down showing me "everything."


After she being  naked 3-4 hrs now..mm 5?  hahahhaa  lol it was fun.  And she is so cute and innocent but loved sex and it was clean good fun for us both.  I could see that in her face as she talked or looked up at me.  She wanted to see my drawings.  I showed them to her as she was brushing against me and said well.."they are rather suggestive!"  I said well,  Yess they are!  Very and suggstive is not the word.  You are actually doing the poses so it is like lovemaking!!


So she laughed about it.  Looking thru the magazine more she said there were poses here with a man and woman naked.   Oh right you want us to pose like this?????      Ha!    Goddd she said, " I will..ya want me to?  Come on lets try them." I have  a large mirror there and I set it up in front of my  easal and I said you want to This upper part got deleted some how so I will re write it again later..it is about my art classes (and her posing at my studio) and the same girl posing for the 1st time.  I have no idea how it got lost.  Oh no! Its here...weird.


Do you want to o do this for sure?  Yup!   So she said..ok now you get undressed!   LOL it was funny.   Really funny.  I undressed and had a semi erection and she smiled and said lets do this one.   Ummmmmmm sure?  yeah!   so she dropped to her knees on a cushion and side view  to mirror she began giving me oral sex..I was talking to her about drawing this and she paid me no mind so I started the drawing while feeling no pain.   We did this pose maybe 2 hrs with breaks and she was not motionless during the pose.  She was actually giving me a BJ/ working at it quite well. ;-)   I drew and I was concentrated but also felt tremendous.  After the drawing was done..several sketches too.   She said they were really sexy!  "I am going to finish you off!"   Before I could react she was down on me and going at my erection.  She loved oral.  I came and she swallowed it all.  When she got up we hugged and went over to the couch and sat with a beverage talking.  She said: "I'm tired mind if I lay down on the couch while we talk?"   I was fine with naked chat in person..  

She put her head on my lap..her cheek right on my c___ and we talked.   She could not keep her fingers off me tickling me, diddling me tickling me....I got hard and she laid there with me in her mouth just resting using only her tongue movements with her mouth closed on me to feel me up she said...smiling.."with my tongue."  I just went with it with pleasure.

I rubbed her neck cheeks shoulders waist and *** felt her p_ _  _  _ _ up as I reached.  

Now, I had several sex BJ sketches and one good drawing now for the 1st time and she planned to come over next sat to do one of the other poses and this one again.."maybe lieing on your couch?!!"


What a dream come true...she is 24 and well loves doing it. This time of yr/winter she is coming over still and in a small heated studio in my big unheated studio she likes to just be nude and talk.  She said she had done this with girls before on sleep overs but not with a real artist and a man my age.   She likes me and even though we have sex in the poses or there is nudity most of the time I feel very protective of her.   She said she didn't mind if I did this with other girls and that she was going to be busy for awhile...   I am close to Philadelphia.  Anyone else like to pose contactme here or with your e-mail address.  She went to schol in France and I'd like a good nice girl to replace her till she comes back..in 3 more year..home during semester breaks and will pose.   Let me know if you'd like to pose...ok?

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I have had an artist offer to photograph me but he is in Asia so too far away...I think posing for drawing or painting would be much better...if you have no quams concerning drawing or painting a straight male either with or without the female model or maybe with a female assistant (do they still do that?)...I'm looking to do this and am serious about posing....I will cooperate in any or all ways and I'm not just looking for a 'freebee' in the sex dept...<br />
<br />
Friend me from your side if your think we could work something out and then we can message and/or exchange e-mail addresses...<br />
<br />
Hope to make your connection and friendship...