Black Guy With Asian Boyfriend

The first Asian guy I had sex with chased after me and I would turn him down each time he asked to hook up. He was and still is very cute about 5'8 nice tight body .After asking several times for me to let him give me a bj I give in and said yes. We meet at my place order pizza watched TV for a while and I was hoping he would forget about hooking up, but the subject finally got around to it. I told him we should play the old kids game, you show me yours and i'll show you mine. He agreed and went first. He stood up in front of me and started to undo his belt. I reached over and started to grope him. I could feel his **** throbbing in my hands through his pants. When he dropped his pants he was wearing tight white briefs and his **** was bulging out. I pulled his underwear down and out popped a thick 7'' uncut ****. I pulled him closer and went down on him and worked on that hot **** for at less an hour, sucking it, licking it, kissing and licking his firm round balls, I even turned him around and eat him out. When i finally let go of his **** he started to work on mine, it was the best bj I had ever had, he made love to my **** not just suck it, I never knew there was a difference. When I finally busted my load, I started back on his 7" and sucked him until he came in my mouth. We still meet and have wild bj sessions. He turned me on to Asian dudes and I am so glad he did. I am addicted to Asian **** and check out Asian dudes every time I see them hoping I can get me some of that Asian sausage
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