and i am dating a white guy. i was his first asian girlfriend. Its not that i don't like asian guys, but its never happened, i don't think I'm their type personality wise or it never really works out . I have a constant struggle with myself over me being korean, and him being white. all 5 girlfriends of Zack, have been white with blonde or brown hair and colored eyes. now some of them were ugly and fat or they had a horse face, and I'm not saying all white people are flattering nor am i saying all asians are ugly. I'm not saying that. at all. but i feel insecure as if i have to work hard to make him interested, and he tells me that he loves that I'm asian and that he likes my features, but i think its just to avoid a fight or not hurt my feelings. I've seen him talk to people behind my back on social media and they are usually always white sorority chicks. I'm korean and I'm not into sororities and i keep to myself and my few good friends and love my dogs. i am not very big but I'm definitely not small, or in great shape, and i don't find my face pretty . so i feel like its a double whammy. i cant talk to my friends about it bc they will just get annoyed or think i want attention and my boyfriend makes it clear he doesnt really want to talk so much and makes me feel bad for always crying about it.
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Why are you with him if he trash talks you?

god bless the asian *****!

Sounds sexy