Why Lord, Why

i hurt people not realising it and i apparently get upset over it
i dont have a single clue as of what im doing with my whole life
i apologize personally for all those who have been stabbed by my comments
i know nobody will read this, but why lord, why
why do u make me do this
good lord: bcoz u are an ashole
aSchizophrenic aSchizophrenic
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 22, 2012

Hi! I read it. I'm sorry you feel this way about yourself. I used to feel the same way about myself but I started learning new skills for dealing with myself, my words, and other people. I still have a lot to learn but there is a book called "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. I've been reading it and it's really got some helpful advice. I highly recommend it. You really deserve to own it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

thank you for thanking me, but i seriously dont know why u did that
thanks on ur advice though

P.S: the last line was meant to be a pun though

Well, why not be thanked? You are stepping out sharing your thoughts. Anyway... thanks for the reply comment. ;) lol How long have you been on EP?

sorry for not responding early..
well...whatever I say or do will never return my poisonous words back and by the way, i'm trying the book - thanks for suggesting.. and, I can say i'm in EP for nearly two years... Arigato yo