A Very "un-*******" Thought To Occur To Me.

My dad, earlier this year during a visit of mine, was concerned over my hatred of people in general (as my mum explained it to him succinctly)...I had to explain to him that essentially "It's not that I hate all people, I just hate people, there's too many that aren't worth my time, it's frustrating weeding out those good ones that are worth the effort to know. When you group people up, they are all stupid and worthless, it's only when the worthwhile ones are weeded out that you then start to realize not every person out there is an *******, just most that you've run into in life. There are people worth the effort, there are diamonds in the rough."

If I've ever shown even the slightest proclivity of an ounce of acknowledgement towards you...know that I am very despondent, I don't understand us generally as human beings, and having honest connections with others is very unnatural to me. I still remember very vague gestures of random kindness that I've appreciated over many years by odd friends and sometimes even strangers. It is never forgotten, it reminds me how awesome some of us can be when it doesn't matter and we're in the shadows and nobody's looking. Those gestures by such awesome people sometimes are what keeps me pushing on, hoping to honor them by my actions, and, if on a good day when I can give, I will give to someone else that deserves what they passed on to me, something I honestly have little inherent value inside myself: human kindness, a love of our fellow beings.

I can only hope I do you, those who pulled me up and dusted off my shoulders and pushed me forth, the honor of passing your generosity to someone past me who deserves it more than I did.
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most people are selfish and lack a sense of fairness but just remember for every 9 bad ones out there there is bound to be a good one once you've weeded through them