I Wish There Was An Afterlife

I have lost someone who was a joyful, creative, and wonderful person. She was only 31. She brought joy to everyone. I wish I could believe in an afterlife just for her. I usually don't miss believing in all the things I used to as a Catholic (how I was raised) but right now, I wish I had the comfort of a belief system.
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How ya know there isn't? I've never met anyone that's came back with a report!

I made some sort of typos that prevented the right link from being highlighted . Perhaps more psychological damage from being raised Catholic in that I was not properly testing and relying too much on faith for something workout on it;s own!!!.Unortunately I was unable to edit my mistake I am sorry the article was totaly ireventant to the point I was trying to convene . I am an agnostic all ideas must be vigorously tested before being presented , Faith of any kind is totally wortless whether it is PMA or any untested philosphical/ 'religious notion!!! What counts is something that is proven not assumed .or believed !!!

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I made some sort of typo that prevent right link from highlighted . Perhaps more psychological damage from being catholic in not properly testing and relying too much on faith
Unortunately I was unable to edit my mistake I am sure if the article tootally ireventant to the point I was trying to convene

Unfortunately the Catholics do not have a monopoly in failing to see depression as either recognition of bad times or a medical condition but blame it instead on a moral short coming . You have a nonsesical book called the secret that blames any person that has any misfortune befall on them on negative thinking
Below are few a links that debunk some of the positive thinking claims
Debunking the value of PMA:
Debunking the sadastic Book the secret :
The perils of PMA exposed:
Tony Robbins Firewalker burned and members of cult in Sweet lodged killed :

I am sorry for your loss. I lost my big brother to suicide in 08. He was a great guy, but the Catholic churches stand was my brother is in hell. I know that could not be true. I dont ever want to believe that good people are punnishable for being depressed. So I cherish every second I had with my brother, and hold them close knowing i will never get another. We hope they finally find the peace and serenity we all crave, but i feel it cheepens their memory to say they are in paradise and we will see them again when we die. I hope you find peace with the loss of your friend. The hole left by their loss can be filled by happy thoughts of them, or feelings of loss for them. Find the right mix, and run with it. : )

I've seen many strange things in my life that nobody could ever seem to have a logical answer for. Like things being hurled at me when there was nobody there, blue orbs floating in the living room and having the dog bark like crazy proving I wasn't seeing things, foot steps with no one there, tv turning on and off by itself, and many other things. I was raised Catholic as well, but now I'm Agnostic. I wouldn't rule anything out, not just yet at least.

I also wish I could believe in an after life, a life where the good people would be rewarded and the bad people wouldn't, with a benevolent God, not the evil God of the Old Testament that kills people because they are homosexuals or because they "wasted their seed". However, I can't believe in an after life.

I lost my mother in march of 2012 . I feel so freighted of forgetting about her .! It seems part of the problem too much emphasis on the hereafter has caused US to forget about here and how to make it better place . I am agnostic myself and I f there is sane god then my mother is in a better place ..
All you can do is to honor her memory .Often I wonder if more could have been done . She had Parkinsons and died of a brain anuerism but before that over a two year period she was detiorating into an infantile state mind with halucinations .Then to make things worst the ambulance was harassing us for the bill !