Well, That Group Title Says It All

And it's a great life too!  Welcome to it! I grew up in a very democratic household. My parents were both democrats, hard working, middle class union members.  When I look back on things today, my mother was a "woman's libber" back in the day when women were asserting their rights more.  I really admire her for the things she stood up and fought for so I could have those rights and things today!  She is a strong willed, smart lady and I don't know what I would do without her. They taught me kindness and compassion for mankind and other living creatures (except rodents)So, to my mom and dad  (dearly departed), thank you for raising me to think for myself, have self confidence in being a strong woman and for showing me it is alright to be a liberal. You even accepted me as an Atheist. I forgive you for making me attend those damned, dreaded Catholic services, catechism, communion (although you made sure I had a beautiful dress) and learning later on I had to lie to attend my confirmation because I knew that's what you wanted, even if i didn't. I enjoyed tormenting the nuns! Even though, I think I turned out alright.

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Thank you.

I am very happy. You see, I have a good life, a wonderful, loving husband and family and I don't have to have the delusion of a promise of "heaven" or an after life. I appreciate your self righteous offer since you think you're right and I'm not, but I don't have to debate you or anyone else. I just don't believe and I'm quite fine and happy that way. I have plenty of hope that my children will live on and enjoy their lives as well, if we take steps now to save the environment for them. It's the only one we have. Thanks, Mr Arrogance and have a nice life. I wish you all the best!