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 I am a secular humanist and a feminist, who believes in intersectionality, or the idea that all oppressions, inequalities and unearned privileges manifest themselves from the same source in society. These beliefs, especially my feminism, have made finding like-minded folk difficult. I find myself increasingly lonely, because people I hang out with tend to react badly to quotations by Carl Sagan, or criticism for telling a "harmless" rape joke. It becomes a bit of a mini-war every day to face the world feeling alone in your challenge against all forms of privilege, since it is an unending battle, but I am confident that I am never truly alone as long as there are other secular humanist feminists. 

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Hah, I quote Carl Sagan all the time too. While getting an eye exam it took a nurse 5 tries for me to do the glaucoma test without closing my eyes. I quoted Contact with an anecdote about how Elli Arroway flinched putting her face next to the pendulum and remarked "that's 3 billion years of instinct winning over 3 million years of intelligence". I don't think she quite got the joke ;)<br />
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I'm also atheist, well generally agnostic but atheist when irritated by overzealous Christians. If by "feminist" you mean the belief that women are completely equal to men I agree 100%. Every day I discover new ways women are equal, which slowly clears out the subconscious mess that my strict Christian upbringing did to my worldview. Much of my family, my mother included, are irredeemable in that regard.