For a long time, I wasn't sure whether I had sufficient claim to the word "atheist" because I never felt like I had really rejected religious indoctrination.  When I was young, my mom told me and my younger brother a little about God.  I toted books to church out of boredom and cannot remember whether I ever believed in God or what it would feel like to believe.  My sharpest memory is when my mom told me to pray for a relative's health.  I was horrified when she explained that "God listens to children's prayers more" and wondered what sort of deity would favor my wishes over my parents' when they seemed to know so much more.
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Nomoremisterniceguy - If you truly don't believe, then there is nothing wrong with keeping your family happy by showing up and sitting through the church service and leaving when it's done. It's a kindness to your parents, and it's a social obligation that is just fine to fulfill. You will know that you don't believe the nonsense coming from the pulpit, and that's all that really matters. It's the same sort of thing as walking on the correct side of the road and crossing only at intersections: you don't really have to observe these rules, but it makes people feel better when you do. It's not necessary to be militant about your unbelief, not at this point in your life.

I tried that, and when I was pregnant with my last child, I would get violently ill during church, to the point I would have to leave and wait in the car for my husband and children, this child was sending me signals that this was not ok with her, as it turns out, she came with memories of a previous life, which she told us about from the age of two, and which we discovered were true, the minister said that she had a demon in her and said if we believed this we were not Christians, that all children are born sinful and it was up to the parents to beat it out of them, needless to say we never stepped foot in that church or any other ever again, so your advice is probably very good for most people, it just didn't work for me

Well that's one way of saying it. I'm not picking for a fight here, but suppose (as in not real WHATSOEVER)your dad suddenly got cancer. He's a good-hearted man, goes to church, helps out with the needy, volunteers for anything. Friends with EVERYONE in town. Unfortunatly, he dies within months thanks to cancer. Before he died, you prayed and prayed and prayed for him to get better, but he only got worse. So tell me, why would that've ever been in gods plan? Why would he take such a good-natured man? This situation has happened to so many people.

Prayer is our way of communicating to God,God loves each and everyone of us:-)And when u pray God hears you.If you pray for something and it doesn't happen its not meant to be.You have to pray to Jesus asking him to go to God on your behalf,Jesus is the way to the father.I pray about mostly about everything and some God said yes to some and made it happen,and said no to some and it didn't happen.I pray and ask Jesus to send me my boyfriend back,but he hasn't did it.Everybody should pray about any and everything that's in the bible

i Am 12 years old, and im Really Not shore weather or not i should believe. i Was Brought Up to be a baptist, But... i Dont really believe it. i Mean, So much of what the bible Has To Offer Can be Told off By sience. Like the Curses. For instance, "Jesus" Splitting the ocean. An earth Quake Witch Sends Off Waved Leaving a gap For a Perioud Of Time. And the Water Came togther After they left By mear Couincidence! (sorry for only 12) I Rarley Go To church But my grandparents (i was adopted by them) Go There every sunday. But my Grandfather Workes there!im afraid To tell them all this Because Them being Christan And All..It would Break their Hearts. Im Practley Going Insane guyes. A Little Advice Would Really Help out.

Dear NoMoreMrNice GuyBub
You are in a tight spot, you are too young and it sounds like too well brought up to argue or question your Granparents at this age, plus as you say it would really hurt them, I would suggest that you continue to think and study about this quietly, and come to your own opinion. You can then take as much of a part in their church as you feel necessary to keep them Happy, when you are older you can then live your beliefs as you choose, you do not have to buy into theirs unless you choose, that is why you have a heart and mind of your own. But I would not try to distance yourself from their beliefs until a little later. I know this is frustrating, but it sounds like you live and respect them so this may be the best way to deal with this

No matter how hard anyone prays, a child will still starve to death tonight. That is a failing of man, not a divine plan.

this is what i think of prayer. its kind of like a comfort thing. if someone you love got hurt, you pray for them to comfort yourself, kind of reliveing yourself of the stress knowing some "all powerful" being is going to take care of it. of course praying doesnt do anything, but it comforts you and helps you get over it.

I don't exactly think you are in the position to say what you are saying. This is our kind of ordeal, can't just barge in and say what you want and say "i respect you". I think that prayer doesn't do anything. You may not agree, but hey. That's you.

Wow, can atheists have their own board? Discuss your faith on your own page, let us discuss it on ours.

yifeng i like your article !!!! please read and think .<br />
in the past i was involve with many religious culture including , christian Jewish, Muslim , Indian(budhist) , Chinese. every one believe on another subject ,, 1) First , when you looking on believe ba<x>se is a question how the world made , who made it , how we have "everything from nothing" . !!! they answer is must have a god !!! <br />
<br />
its not correct answer !!! just because the first question still there " how become god from "NOTHING" ? how many location adapt different culture and different believes ? did can be every nation see another god ? did its possible 100 years ago or some country people see a "cat" and believe its " Satan" or other dreaming thing like hearing a wind blower ,unseeing noises many cases come from "birds, rain , people , or others , make them think , sawing or hearing god or his workers , sending massages to the world ? <br />
<br />
i see all this kind of cultures too ,,,, first toughs, we have to go back to this days . and ask ?<br />
<br />
did the have a good communications between towns ?<br />
<br />
and how good was? , <br />
<br />
did they was easy people to believe for anything ?<br />
<br />
how they have so many bibles and different laws ?<br />
<br />
did they leaders was trustful or using the bible to help themselves and get benefit from having job/without jobs ?<br />
<br />
how easy is to hold a book and ask for money or to be your leader?<br />
<br />
i just have to finish !!! let your know today no one can write a bible because the government will check those ideas gone "end" in hospital !!!!!

gotta love a good Dadaist comment

I was horrified when she explained that "God listens to children's prayers more" --- really says all there is about you. You were horrified? Your Mother says one thing - even perhaps out of context - and now you want to make a cult out of it.

Just some thing to consider.<br />
<br />
The God in the Bible doesn’t do supernatural things because we can do anything the Bible says God can do. Now be brave and read on.<br />
<br />
A while back CNN had the musician Will I Am stand in a special studio at some music festival and have his holographic image appear on the set of Anderson Cooper 360’s study and you could hear Will I Am talking and singing. So instead of Will I Am projecting the image of a in this CNN studio how about the following: burning bush that is not consumed by the fire with the sound of someone speaking, an Angel talking to the Virgin Mary, or the Angel sitting in Jesus’ tomb after his resurrections. What I think would be really cool is a holographic projection that filled a night sky with angels singing or the Star Bethlehem. I’m sure this wouldn’t cost as much as it cost to make that stupid movie Avitar.<br />
If you study the Creation Story in Genesis it is clear that either God told Moses how He created the Universe or Moses was smarter the Stephen Hawkings to begin naming the names of people who are experts on the Theory of Evolution. Except for the creation of the Earth coming before the creation of the Sun. the Moon, and the Stars Moses, being smarted then Stephen Hawkings figured out the exact sequent in which the creation of life on the planet Earth unfolded. Moses knew know that all was darkness with unformed matter and that the Spirit of God hovered over water. The stuff you see in those Big Bang documentaries. The Moses figured out what happened next, a massive explosion of light. When God said, “Let there be light” what happened look like what we see in those evolution movies about the Big Bang. <br />
How did Moses know you began with light because light is made up subatomic particles which are the building blocks of atoms? Do you really believe Moses was smarter than Stephen Hawkings?<br />
In sci-fi, eve on Star Trek, they have they encounter rogue planets that are inhabited, but the idea that the Earth began its existence as rogue planet is impossible. It appears the Earth came first was God’s way to telling us that we the center of God’s Universe. <br />
When they designed the space ships to land on the moon they figured there would be about six feet of moon dust ba<x>sed on the age of the moon and a calculation of the number of meteorite strikes had hit the moon. Well, there was less then an inch of dust on the surface of the moon. So they changed theories from the moon was torn form the Earth to the our Moon was a rouge moon that drifted into our solar system and some it managed to work its way past all those big planets with their massive gravitational pull and arrive close enough for the Earth’s gradational pull to suck it right into its orbit so it could affect the tides and such on Earth. I suppose the Moon could have decided rotating around the Earth would make the Moon happy and so the Man in the Moon had a home in our heavens.<br />
Using a super collier we create scale a model of the explosion that occurred when God said “Let the Light” so if we do something we thought was supernatural when God did it, its not supernatural. <br />
I always liked the theoretical physicist with their model of the Big Bang because their calculations showed the universe explored and imploded over an over again. That idea is not much fun so they decided that for some unknown reason one time when the universe exploded it didn’t implode and just continued to expand. You have to give this event a name so they call it the Hiccup of God.<br />
Their theory is something like this. Before the Big Bang there was a huge super collider that generated universes one after another that exploded and then imploded until it malfunctioned in an event that is known as the Hickup of God. When this happened this Super Collider blew itself up and now you’re reading this book. <br />
It seems odd to me that in their quest to prove there is God they have unlocked many of the ways God used to create the Universe. Take for example, the creation of Adam. Rejecting the story that God created Adam from dust they have done a lot of experimentation to show that amino acid can be form out of inorganic substances. If we can create amino acids which are the building blocks of organic life then God changing an inorganic substance, dust, to an organic substance isn’t supernatural it’s just advanced science.<br />
Let’s take a look at the creation of Eve. God put Adam to sleep, which is what Anastasia does. God removes one of Adam’s ribs and closes up the wound which is what we do during surgery. Then God re-sequenced Adams DNA from male to female because God does genetic engineering like we are learning to do. This explains why all life form on Earth, plants and animal are ba<x>sed on the same DNA platform.<br />
If you go to Wikipedia and read an article on Theistic Evolution, which this article says Billy Graham accepts as the method God followed as He created the Universe, you will see an excellent discussion of how the Bible can be reconciled with what science teaches about how the Universe came into being. <br />
Let’s look at the Virgin Birth. Using in vitro fertilization technology the question is now how many virgin births do you want next year? We can clone a human being and resequence DNA so we can make a clone of the Virgin Mary after resequencing her DNA from female to male and we have Jesus who is not half God and half man, but one hundred percent human. I you do it this way it you can produce a human being who is sinless. And God laughed at Satan because Satan had been creating all these half god and half human rulers while Satan couldn’t figure out how God could create a son without having sex with a woman.<br />
Jesus wasn’t half God and half human. He was a human being just like me and I’m not half god and half human. He was born just like I was and he died just like I will later in my life. I see these stupid paintings of the Madonna and Child with halos. I’d like to see some paintings of Jesus done by an artist that had actually read the Bible. You’d see things like the Toilet Training of Jesus, Jesus in school learning how to read and write, and Jesus hopping around in pain with a hammer in one hand and his finger in his mouth because he’d hit his finger instead of a nail. If people actually read the Bible we wouldn’t have this stupid movie where they find Holy Grail and it’s a rough looking wooden drinking cup. The Last Supper was held in the dining room of a rich man. You would think a man rich enough to have an upstairs dining room would have something pretty things serve wine in.<br />
Noah could do genetic engineering. Sci-fi has lots of stories about four men and four women getting into a space craft with lots of genetic materials and fly to a distant planet and establish a new civilizations. People think this is possible, but don’t think Noah and his Ark are possible.<br />
If you look at the story of the Tower of Babel you see God evaluating what they are doing He says, “If they can do this speaking one language there is nothing they cannot do.” This tells us two things. First, these people aren’t building a tall tower they have some sort of advance technology like we do. Second, this is a Prophecy of our technology, but this time God seems to think we hand this technology because He has prepared the way by sending us Jesus. The Bible suggests there advance technologies in the past such as the Tower of Babel and the evidence this technology was also destroyed in the Great Flood, but lingers on in Atlantis stories.<br />
People cannot believe that God can keep can keep track of all that is happening in the Universe. There can be over 600 million people all can online on at Facebook at the same time. We can do data mining and find terrorist and some guy at Goldman Sacks bragging in his e-mails that he put together a 10 Million dollar mortgage back security that was all junk because he let some hedge fund manager pick the mortgages that went into the mortgage back security so the hedge fund manager stole a lot of mortgage backed security implode. <br />
To fight Irish Terrorists England put the entire county under view surveillance. This guy who recently beat a woman to death they have surveillance footage of his leaving her apartment. If you run a red light a computer driven system photographs the car and send at ticket to the registered owner of that vehicle. I suppose if we wanted to spend the money we could create a computer ba<x>sed system that would monitor the entire universe like God does If we can do this God doing this isn’t supernatural.<br />
From time to time God would purge the prophet of false gods from Israel. My favorite is the god off challenge. God’s man challenges all the other prophets to a contest. Build alters to your god and have your god ignite the wood for the offering. Then I will have the true God light the wood under my sacrifice. The stage is an elevated place that has a flat top and the people of Israel can gather to watch.<br />
God’s man is pouring so much water on the wood under his sacrifice that has a trough running down the mountain so the water can run off after it soaks the wood. When final prophet to a false god finishes with no result God’s guy prays a little and the wood under his alter ignites. We can do this. We have laser cutting touches that generate so much heat they can cut through plate steel. As the laser is doing this there are little fires of burning metal where the laser has touched the metal. Setting fire to a pile of wood is a simple task with one of these lasers. Because we can do this what God did isn’t supernatural.<br />
A lot of people think God created the entire Universe in 144 hours. First, after God created Adam God showed Adam all the plants and animals and has Adam name them and some how they got back to the Garden of Eden so God could create Eve later in the day. Second, the Sun, the moon, and the stars were created on the Fourth Day and our measurement of a day is ba<x>sed on the Earth’s relationship to the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. Third, it says in the Bible that a thousand years to us is but a second to God. Fourth, when we speak of our teenage years we refer to this time period as “back in the day” and the word day is singular while we mean more than a 24 hour period of time. And there is a lot more, but this isn’t a theology text book. <br />
Tthe idea of humans and dinosaurs living on the Earth at the same time has pretty well been covered by the Jurassic Park movies. The problem is these people worship the King James Bible as the inerrant work of God that has no translation errors in to. Therefore it says six days its six day. They believe that drinking alcohol is a sin and where it says Jesus made wine he actually made grape juice. This is a translation error in a Bible that contains no translation errors. Have you ever tried to serve grape juice to a bunch of people at a wedding that are pretty well lit up and want to get drunker.<br />
Now Jesus turning water into wine at the Wedding in Canaan isn’t really supernatural because we can do that. On December 23, 2010 Trek’n Eat announced a new product. “Mountaineering gourmets no longer have to forgo a glass of red wine after conquering a peak. Trek‘n Eat has now launched a new red wine in the form of a powder. The beverage powder that comes in convenient portions packed in pouches has an alcoholic content of 8,2%, which is similar to a light bottled wine. A matching mulled wine has also been developed for expeditions in snow and the cold – for celebrating the special moment at night camp.”<br />
Every time the Bible shows Jesus raising the dead he begins by saying the person is not dead, but sleeping which suggest they were in what we would describe as a coma. Vince Price made all these scary movies that featured people who would have a pull cord that went from inside their coffee to a bell on the surface near their tomb stone so if they came out of one of these comas they could signal the surface some one would dig up his or her coffin. I liked it when grave robbers dug up one of these people. <br />
If you look at what Jesus actually did when he healed people he’s just a medical missionary. Jesus puts some substance into the blind person’s eyes. When he heals the deaf he puts is fingers into the deaf person’s dears quick pulls them out. These seem like the types of things doctors in our time do to treat patients. One day Jesus saw a crippled man who when the water moved in the pool he would try to be the first person into the pool. If a cripple man can actually move is he physically crippled or does he have some mental illness reason for his situation. Was Jesus treating a mental illness when he told this man to pick up his bed and go home? In Jesus’ time dislocating a finger, for example, would make someone a cripple because they didn’t know how to treat dislocated fingers and other joints in the body. Jesus sent out his twelve disciples, including Judas, to spread the Good News and to tend to the blind, the deaf, the leaper, and the crippled. Had this healing ability been supernatural God would not have given this ability on Judas.<br />
You see faith healers on TV shaking people, screaming “Heal!” over and over again, then this person who walks with the Satan pushes the person back, where two men catch him or her. A lawyer I know had a client who was injured when the catchers failed to catch her and she landed on the floor. When this lawyer did his closing argument said as he settled to his knees, “I don’t understand why the Defendant didn’t just get down on his knees and heal her again.”<br />
The traditional view is someone who is a messenger does miracles as part of his or her resume. See, I can do miracles therefore you need to listen to what I am telling you. When Moses was confronting Pharaoh the magicians in Pharaoh’s court could do the same things. What we do is send out medical missionaries who treat the sick and disabled. See this people want to know why this person cares about them and he or she simply says, “Because this is what God wants me to do.” Jesus was Christianity’s first medical missionary.<br />
If you go to YouTube and use “walking on water shoes” as your search term you will see videos of different styles of walking on water shoes that people wear when they are walking on water. So Jesus and the boys have come up one of these walking on water shoes and Jesus is walking around wearing a pair of these shoes. Peter was the disciple who was always the first to try something Jesus would do so he puts on a pair of these walking on water shoes. At this time Peter had a self confidence problem so he counts the waves and flounders. Jesus comes over to his friend, takes Peter’s hand and comments on Peter’s lack of faith, but not Peter’s lack of faith in God, but Peter’s lack of faith in himself. I don’t see Jesus walking on water as supernatural because walking on water shoes is something we can make. As for what Jesus said about Peter denying he is one of Jesus’ Disciples that was easy. <br />
Jesus saw this happened when God and Jesus looked through of all the history of the Universe from Alpha to Omega. It appears that Satan also has this ability. At Acts 16:16 we find a slave girl who was possessed by a spirit that gave her the ability to see into the future. She was following Paul and her saying a load voice that Paul and is companion where sent by the Lord Most High and were telling people the way to Heaven. Paul cast out this demon and they next day the owners of this slave girl had Paul in court demanding compensation for the damage to the value of their slave when Paul cast this demon out of this slave girl. Because Satan could also see all that Jesus would do Satan created all these imitations of Jesus that Christopher Hitchens is so fond of talking about.<br />
It’s worth noting that our bodies will not come back to life when we are resurrected from the grave. We will be in our Heavenly bodies sort of like a one time reincarnation. Lots of people like to talk about there past lives as Kings and Queens, but they never seem to want to talk about the time they lived as a Galley Slave. <br />
People ask if they will know people in Heaven. Sure, the will recognized everyone in Heaven. When Moses and Ilesha appeared before Jesus and two of his disciples they were in their Heavenly Bodies. Jesus don’t introduce Moses and to his disciples. The disciples knew who these people were. And Jesus showed these disciples what his Heavenly Body would look like.<br />
King Saul had a crisis of confidence about his actually being God’s choice for King. He went to the Witch of Endor and had her call back the Sprit of the Prophet Samuel who I’m sure appeared in his Heavenly Body. Samuel reassured King Saul that he was God’s anointed one. For some reason the fact that she’s called a witch confuses people into thinking she is on dark side.<br />
When God agreed to show Moses what God looked like God was not invisible because He placed His over Moses who was in a crevice of a rock so the Moses to shield Moses from the full glory of God. If you have a hand in your full glory you aren’t invisible so I doubt that God is invisible<br />
When Jesus was dying on the cross he said Father, Father , why hast thou forsaken me which takes you to the 22nd Psalms which said that Jesus would not be broken, his side would be pierce and everything that happened to Jesus when he was dying no the cross. People think Nostradamus can see into the future, but he cannot do this. And if you look at his track record a lot of quatrains have translated before as related to something that had just happened.<br />
The Bible is not clear what happens to all the people in the past and now who had no opportunity to know the Good News of Jesus, but the Apostle Paul said that those who do not know the law, but obey the law they are justified.<br />
A lot of people claim they are martyrs because they cannot display the Ten Commandments in public schools, court rooms, public parks, and so forth, but see no need to display the Ten Commandments in their churches. And they don’t know what a martyr really is.<br />
Emperor Nero would put lots of Christians in his coliseum and release lions, tigers, and such that had not eaten for three or four days into the coliseum. All of this Christians did what St. Cecilia did. As low as they could they sang praises to their God. Every night you could go to Golgotha and see Christians nailed to crosses, covered with oil, and set on fire singing as load as they could praises to their God. These were God’s first missionaries.<br />
Within about a year everyone in the Roman Empire knew what a Christian was because talking about the crazy things Nero did was like us talking about what some celebrity does. These Romans all would asks, “who is this Jesus of Nazareth whose Disciples sing praises to their God at the top of the lungs while being eaten by wild animals or burning to death nailed to a cross at night.”<br />
Nero burn down a third of Rome to make room for more palaces for his use and of course this evil Christians did this. Instead of fighting this fire Nero played his fiddle. Just another crazy thing Nero did that people talked about when they wanted to know more about these Christians.<br />
Here is a stump the Bible Thumpers question. At the very beginning of Christianity who was the first person Jesus selected to carry the Good News out into the world? <br />
Christianity is a strange religion because it teaches, while doubt this happened, Adolph Hitler could recited the Lord’s Prayer because he’d made a Decision for Christ just before he blew out his brains and be in Heaven and some Popes aren’t going to make the cut. If you ask a Roman Catholic what they think of the Pope the say, “Walks in the Shoes of the Fisherman” (good pope) or “God sure can pick them.” (bad Pope) I saw Billy Graham on Larry King and Billy said he hoped to see his parents in Heaven. For some reason people like to crawl up on God’s Thrown and pretend they are God like I was a little kid and would sit in the pilot’s seat of my Daddy’s airplane and pretend to be flying. They sit up there judging people pretending to be God. What they have done is substituted God for themselves and have elevated this junior god they like to pretend they are above God which is a form of Idolatry because they are now worshipping themselves.<br />
When Jesus was in the Synogouge he read from the Torah. He didn’t recite Bible verses and prance around screaming at people. What Charles Stanley delivering a sermon if you want to see someone who preaches in the style of Jesus. When I was a child my grandparents owned a TV solely for the purpose of watching the monthly Billy Graham revival on NBC. My grandparents were watching and listening to Billy Graham reading a passage from the Bible. In unison the reached down to the floor, picked up their Bibles, quickly opened to the passage Billy was reading, glanced down, and confirmed that while reading from the Bible Billy Graham had omitted the word “the.” My point is my grandparents had to check the text of their Bibles before they were sure Billy Graham had in fact omitted the word “the” when he was reading from the Bible. As Ronald Reagan said, “trust, but verify.”<br />
I don’t have a clue as to when life begins. But I know exactly when life ends. For example, life ends when some mentally unstable person listens to people like Bill O’Reilly say over an over any, “Remember that’s Dr. Tiller, baby killer” and then assassinated a Christian named Dr. Tiller during worship service at a Lutheran Church because this assassin saw in the church bulletin that Dr. Tiller was going to be an usher at that worship service. If you get an abortion just say The Lord’s Prayer and if what you did was actually a sin you have asked to be forgiven and you’re once again right with God. In the Lutheran Church when we confess our sins we merely God that we want to do better. None of this God make me into a super perfect Christian nonsense.<br />
When they brought the adulterous woman to Jesus in the courtyard so he could judge her he was writing in the dirt with his finger. As a fellow writer I knew he was drafting one of his Parables which is easy for him because when he became a man at age twelve he could already confound the Rabbis and teachers in the main place of worship in Jerusalem. These Parables aren’t something written by the hand of God like the first set of The Ten Commandments. <br />
This extended childhood children have today is an invention of the Industrial age. God expected a boy of twelve to be a man and not a teenager for nearly a decade more. When I am walking alone at night and am a bit scared I do what I think Jesus did when he was walking alone at night and was little scared of the dark. He would recite the 23rd Psalms, “Yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil no evil, For Your with me, Your rod and staff, they comfort me.” Well the Valley of the Shadow of Death sounds more scary then were I’m at so I’m not scared. <br />
People ask how to you find a good church. Google “Evangelical Lutheran Church in America” and take a look. Then shop for a church online by looking at the websites for different denominations. Don’t go to some worship service and if a few people great you join up. Go during the week and interview the Pastor and tell him or her exactly what you are. Tell them that you’re a homosexual or a Transsexual or whatever because if this preacher is all screwed up you know this congregation is all screwed because this congregation hired this preacher. Most preachers think it’s a sin that I don’t tithe. Well in the Old Testament one tenth of the tithe went to support the church and nine tenths went to support the government which was responsible to take care of the widows, orphans, and poor. I pay lots in taxes. And if it’s a sin its forgiven when I say The Lord’s Prayer.<br />
Or do what President Obama did. Find yourself a preacher who preachers like the Old Testament Prophets who were going around saying God Damn Israel because so the Israelites failed to care for the widows, orphans, and the poor. Find someone like Jeremiah Wright who speaks the truth when he screams “God Damn America” because we don’t give a damn about the widows, the orphans, and the poor you sit in your pew and say “Right On Brother!”<br />
God and Jesus saw Jesus nailed to a cross with all the sin of the world, past, present, and future all within is only begotten son. When God saw all the sins of the world all in one place he saw such an abomination that so detested him that He broke the bond between Jesus and Himself leaving Jesus to cry out “Father, Father why hast thou forsake me!” <br />
This isn’t some, oh how nice, he calls out to his Daddy. Jesus new at the Alpha he would be born all human, that he would be nailed to a cross, and suffer such agony that the night before his crucifixion he cried tears of blood as he begged his father not to make him do this, but still he said they will be done because he honored his father which is what a child is told to do in The Ten Commandments. Satan knew Jesus’ weak spot, Jesus terror at having his Father turn away from him as he bore all the sins of the world while being nailed to a cross. I am just guessing, but what Jesus felt when his Father turned away from him is what some one feels like in Hell.<br />
<br />
But I still I don’t understand Christianity. I don’t understand why Satan is in this Universe that God created so I could be born and fellowship with Him during my walk with Jesus through my earthly life. Then I will resurrected into a Heavenly Body and be with God, Jesus, and the Holly Sprit for all eternity. Bbest of all I will have my own room so I can just sit and write novels because Jesus said there are many rooms in the mansions that are in Heaven Or I will doing something else that God wants me to do because He knows doing something I that would make me happier then sitting at a computer writing novels does for me now. <br />
God saw all the way from the the Alpha, all the way to the end of the first Earth, the Omega when He He said, “Let There Be Light. He saw every person who would be born and wrote the names of those who would be offered the Gift of Salivation because Jesus said, “I chose you, you do not choose me.” <br />
But we have free will so someone whose name is written in the book of life may choose his or her life in such a way that God blots that person’s name from the Book of Life.<br />
<br />
God promised Ishmael and Jacob that He would raise up a great nation for each of them. Then He sent Jesus into the world and one of these great nations embraced Jesus as their Lord and Savior and the other as a Great Prophet. Christians believe that they enter Heaven not ba<x>sed on merit, but soul by accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Members of the Great Nation of Ishmael face good deeds against bad deeds balancing of the scales of justice on their judgment day.<br />
Christians believe in a God that is a Three in One God. We believe the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit existed as one entity, one being, at the beginning of time and that Jesus took on human form as the only incarnate Son of God when he became human. When returned to Heaven he returned to being a part of this Three in One God.<br />
The Koran places great emphasis on Allah as a single entity God, not a Three In One God. Some Islamic scholars believe that when Allah was told the contents of the Koran to Mohammad the Satan was whispering false verses into Mohammad's ear. If you read the Koran Allah keeps insisting or an over again that he is not a Three In One God that I got the impression that Allah is not sure about what he is saying and the Satan succeeded in his efforts to cause people in the Great Nation of Ishmael to reject the idea that Allah is a Three Person God. For an example of Satan’s doing this in a Christian Bible look at First Corinthians 6:9 in the New International Bible published by Zondervan Press which refers to “homosexual offenders” rather than what they are, Sodomites.<br />
Only a Prophet of God can declare war or jihad. Mohammad is the last Prophet of Allah because Allah wanted his followers to know that there would be no jihad after the time of Mohammad. Of course, Satan has a different idea.<br />
There is Wandering Jew who rejected Jesus as the Messiah and God punishes him by making him wander the Earth in remorse so Jesus can return while some one living on the Earth at the time of Jesus is still alive. Go to John 21:21-23 and meet the Wandering Disciple who was alive when Jesus was alive and is still alive waiting the return of his friend and Savior Jesus. Verse 20 is the longest substitution for the pronoun me that I have seen in another manusc<x>ript.<br />
People go, oh yeah, a talking snake. The other animal that talks in the Bible is Balaam’s donkey. A man of God named Balaam is riding his donkey and God is displeased with where Balaam is going Angel of the Lord is standing in the road way. The donkey sees the Angel, Balaam doesn’t he beating on is donkey until the donkey asks Balaam why doesn’t see the Angle of the Lord standing in front of them. <br />
In the real world Navy Sailors use hand gestures to direct dolphins to search for mines, there are primates that talk back and forth with people using sign language, most of us have seen a dog whimpering at the door communicating that he or she wants to go outside, and hunter a hunting dog tells the dog to and when the dog finds what the dog has been trained to find the dog talks to hunter by pointing. <br />
God and Satan are at war for some reason. It seems that what God saw looking from the Alpha to the Omega was His plan to win this war with Satan. It is more like a movie sc<x>ript. God’s sc<x>ript is of a war movie that has a story that changes as the movie is being filmed. For example, if God knew who He had given the Gift of Salvation who would decline the gift by not walking with Jesus their names wouldn’t be in the Book of Life to begin with. John 3:16 is an open casting call to those who want to be in this movie and have their names added to the Book of Life. Jesus told Satan that his Father was also Satan’s God. And like a parent has to do when he or she has to exercise some tough love by excelling one of their children, God in the end will exile Satan, who God still loves, to Hell. This is like Queen Elizabeth who on her death bed whispered “Dudley” who the love of her life he betrayed her by participating a plot to overthrow her a Queen just as Satan had participated in a plot to overthrow God.<br />
We do see miracles every day. When some person who walks with Satan instead of with Jesus shot Congresswoman Gabriele Giffords in the head and she survived people see this as merely another medical miracle. God performed a miracle if we are not those whom Jesus said have eyes, but cannot see. God knew what was going to happened so He cared for the needs of Congresswoman’s medical needs by having someone who knew how to treat patients who has just been shot in the head right there with the Congresswoman. <br />
So what about Islam? God promised Ishmael and Jacob that He would raise up a great nation for each of them. Then He sent Jesus into the world and one of these great nations embraced Jesus as their Lord and Savior and the other as a Great Prophet. Christians believe that they enter Heaven not ba<x>sed on merit, but soul by accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Members of the Great Nation of Ishmael face a good deeds against bad deeds balancing of the scales of justice on their judgment day.<br />
<br />
Christians believe in a God that is a Three in One God. We believe the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit existed as one entity, one being, at the beginning of time and that Jesus took on human form as the only incarnate Son of God when he became human. When returned to Heaven he returned to being a part of of this Three in One God.<br />
<br />
The Koran places great emphasis on Allah as a single entity God, not a Three In One God. Some Islamic scholars believe that when Allah was tell the contents of the Koran to Mohammad the Satan was whispering false verses into Mohammad's ear. Salmon Rushdie’s book Satanic Verses deal with this view amongst some Islamic scholars.<br />
To see an example of Satan succeeding in his effort to do this during the translation of a Christian Bible look at First Corinthians 6:9-11 in The New International Version of the Bible where Satan got the translators to use the words ‘homosexual offenders” instead of “Sodomites.” Sodomites engage in anal sex and homosexuals engage in oral. God does not express any opinion about oral sex one way or the other.<br />
A more serious example of Satan’s handiwork is at 1 John 2:2 (“ He [Jesus] is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world.” and 1 John 4:10 “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 11 Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. 12 No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.”<br />
The English language of the Vulgate Bible reads [text pending - Jesus is a sacriment]<br />
Martin Luther was checking the work of St. Jerome who translated the original texts into Latin Vulgate Bible. There is a big difference between Jesus as a sacrifice and Jesus as a sacrament. This difference in wording is what triggered, in large part, the Protestant Reformation because the difference in wording prevented Martin Luther from implementing reform within the Roman Catholic Church.<br />
While this translation error has not been carried forward by the Roman Catholic Church approved Bibles, this is an example of Satan influencing the text of a Christian Bible.<br />
So what’s my point? John 3:16 is a Valentine from your Daddy that says, “I love you let me be your Daddy and forget all that Satan talk you hear in so many “Christian” homes and churches?”<br />
<br />
God Bless You and Keep You Forever in the Cuddle of God.

I do not believe in religion of any kind. They all contain only a partial truth. So instead I chose to take the scientific approach and try to find out for myself the answer to the big questions, why are we here? is there a god? What is the meaning of life? I have explored my own being through meditations, I went out on vision quests to seek answers, and I have spent 3 months in solitary confinement where one is forced to look within. I have came to an understanding about life. First of all, I learned that all the answers you to your question can be found by looking inward, the universe that exists inside you is as vast and grand as the one that exists outside. It contains many wonders that you are not even aware are there. Through mental perserverance and meditation I enduced an out of body experience and traveled to the other side. What I saw was more like an infinitly complex machine with many parts that connects everything. It is the matrix of energy that all of existance is built upon. explained in terms of physics, it is the electro magnetic field that supports molecules and gives them substance. The nuclear bomb is all the proof anyone should need to demonstrat what power this energy contains when it is released. God therefore, is more to do with quantum and astro physics than anything any of the religious books describe. <br />
<br />
What of prayer then. What is it for, does it serve a purpose at all, is it just a waist of time? The answer to these question are also an insight that can be understood through self exploration. The answer largely depends on ones understanding of what prayer is. If you see it as a means of begging and pleading for something you desire from an anthropomorphized father in the sky then there is little value other than to give the person praying hope that there is a chance they will get what they want. On the other hand, if one view prayer as a means of expressing your will to the universe at large, then it takes on a whole new meaning. It becomes a driving force that aids a person to establish and make real their own will. Everything that man has ever created was existed first as energy long before it could be built in reality. The thought always preceeds the manifestation of that thought. Prayer therefore has more to do with the power of mind and will than what religion has told people it is for. <br />
<br />
So much harm and evil has been brought into this world by people blindly following religions that it is hard to see any redeeming qualities that justify their existance. It has always been more about controlling the masses and sculpting what people will accept in their lives than it is about enlightenment or truth seeking. None of them hold all the answers and they all require a follower to look to religion to find the answers to the big questions instead of stating that the only answers of value a person can come to in this life have to found by that person. You can't look to a priest for the truth, the truth can only be found by looking within yourself. If they would tell people that, then religion would serve no purpose at all and eventually seace to exist. They instead serve thier own self intrest by claiming to hold all the keys and to being the way. In the end, what is created is ignorant followers that rely on forces outside themselves to dictate what is and what is not true. The polar opposite of religion is aitheism. This I believe came into being by people rejecting all the bullshit of religion for what it is. But in rejecting the notion that there could exist some form of greater truth to existance because of rejecting religion also results in ignorance. If you dont believe there could be a higher truth, why look at all. It is not science to close your mind to the possibility of something existing because you choose not to believe it is there. It is science to question if it is there and seek answers though experimentation and direct experience. Atheism therefore is no closer to the understanding the nature of our own existance and the universe than is religion. One tells you there is nothing there to find so why bother looking at all while the other tells you that you dont have to look because we hold all the answers already and all you have to do is follow us. I think both are equally wrong. both also limit human potential. We are capable of much more than we know, we use only a very small fraction of our brain matter in everyday life. But as a species we will never live up to our potential by either following without seeking the truth or by rejecting out of disbelief without finding out for oneself. The only real path for human evolution is for every person to search the reaches of their own being because it is by doing this that we can gain any understanding at all, it expands who we are while religion and atheism both impose limitations on who we are and what we can become.

Praying does NOTHING. IT. DOES. NOTHING. It says in the idiot book called the Bible that if you pray to God, then you will be healed. Guess what?? Many people have died from diseases after praying to your so called God! <br />
<br />
Let me ask this, does god hate amputees? <br />
<br />
Some of these hardcore religious comments just make me want to hurt a random person because it shows that there are such stupid people in this world.

Myself, I am a Pastafarian as well as a strong believer in the magic conch!!<br />
<br />
"Two hands working can do more than a thousand hands clasped in prayer"<br />
<br />
If god exists he is one sadistic son of a *****

all the comments about god and how wonderful he is made me lmfao xD<br />
<br />
fear of the unknown, fear of what's taught in religion, need for hope, need for purpose and meaning, unquenchable curiosity and improper education and/or stupidity, mostly the latter, are the reasons people believe in god and are subject to religion.<br />
<br />
not to mention that churches take advantage of people's money. oh, and people die left and right because of it. not good.<br />
<br />
honestly, if religion was not such a threat to society, i couldnt care less if anyone wanted to believe a pig lizard shat out the cosmos. but, no such luck. it just haaaas to interfere with public education and it haaaaas to get into people's heads with weapons. goddamnit

DiaperDan, with words like that, you are really asking for it...

I feel the resentment coming on


That was adequate.<br />
I think I can now admit it, I do not like the fact that the religious think in the back of their minds that the people who do not say/do/pretend certain things are going to burn at the end of their earthly lives. This kind of thinking undoubtedly affects the religious outlook on life and society. It seems so darn mean.

God is an incredible being. God is love and love is God. Going from there all you have to know is that you are loved and accepted no matter what. Believe there is a God, b/c He believes in you. :) And best of all Jesus Christ died so that you wouldn't have to worry about your mistakes. You just believe that Jesus took them all on at the cross so that you could be with Him eternally. :)<br />
God Bless.

Ward bless you for your take on this!! Knew i liked ya for a reason!! Which came first the chicken or the egg? I personally believe in God and right now i am PISSED at him, but that's another story. I find it FASCINATING that people felt the need to challenge a person's RIGHT to be atheist, or LORD dare i say it, PRAY for them. Sorry people, but to me that sounds so flippin arrogant. Everything was politely stated which is always nice, but why do religious people feel the NEED to spout off their personal beliefs to people who are either agnostic or atheist. OK i'll shut up now, cause im over tired and probably over stepped my boundaries already. As the saying goes, lol, never talk about sex, money or religion at the dinner table. I think i will now START practising that wonderful bit of advice!!

What I believe is that it's not beliefs, but actions (and motivation for those actions), that matter most. If you do the right thing because it's the right thing, then you will get some kind of reward. What goes around, comes around.

In my opinion (and these postings are most definitely opinions), praying and meditation is looking within yourself to find the answers. Not elsewhere. When you are thankful for the things in your life, why not appreciate yourself for having attracted those things into your life? Why not give yourself some credit for living a good life? Why must you look to some deity and say you don't deserve it? You most certainly do. And vice versa, as well. If things are not in your favor, maybe you are not in alignment with yourself. Maybe it's YOU that is causing you pain. Not something external, but something internal. <br />
<br />
I grew up in an extremely Catholic family, but never really understood how it pertained to me. I questioned religion as soon as I heard about 'miracles' and 'angels' at the young age of 6 (when you start going to church school). I got in trouble a lot for asking questions instead of simply 'having faith' and 'believing.' It took me a long time to admit it, but I don't believe in a 'God,' though I would not hesitate to say that I am quite spiritual.<br />
<br />
I very much respect my family and try to leave religion out of conversation since we don't have the same views. But it's difficult sometimes when they talk about God and religion and prayers and how those things are the ultimate answers, yet they are very unhappy or sick or broke. And I am (most of the time) very happy, healthy, and doing quite well financially even though I am only 22.<br />
<br />
Religion = a tough subject... because it's just that: subjectIVE.

Amen, Moxie - and people do not learn by talking, they learn by listening.<br />
<br />
The only thing I have to say to God is, "Thank you for this beauiful world, is there anything you want me to do?"

Praying is talking to God, meditation is listening to God.

The trinity could be re-written from a sci-fi point of view, which would be so much more interesting.<br />
My religious education was Anglican(Chapel three times a week)/Matrix films and 'the ten commandments' film and also 'The lord of the rings'<br />
Our Father would have us sit down and find the religious messages in those movies, what a hoot that was...almost as liberal as Art-History...You could make almost anything up.

I thought the strength of the trinity was in its union?<br />
I don't see why Jesus couldn't have a sense of humour, would he really get mad at such a harmless joke? <br />
When I get there he'll be all like 'No! I remember that joke you made about me being a suck up, off to hell you go for your dry joke’<br />
<br />
<br />
Or<br />
<br />
<br />
What if it's actually Zeus at the pearly gates, and he zaps me because I joke about him often?<br />
The possibilities are endless.<br />
<br />
Can someone tell me if there branches of Christianity that believe God was Jesus? For me that would make the story so much more interesting.

As I understand it they're the same thing...<br />
Is there a punishment if we pray to God and not Jesus? Why god and only god? Is he the CEO of heaven and so gets all the free time he wants while Jesus sucks up by listening to the prayers?

You're on the right track :)

Anotherhuman! Are you my Mum? Thats exactly what she said word for word.<br />
Your kids will be bright.

Boy some of these comments are powerful. To Lincolnlog if we were meant to believe in God why are you saying that we will be punished if we don't. If God is supposed to all loving, all wise why would he set restrictions upon us that say if we don't do or behave a certain we are certainly headed toward damnation? People are people and that means their beliefs are to be respected for what they are. You don't have to hold that same belief. But answer this: Would you save a dying atheist?

Praying is talking to God, meditation is listening to God.

Prayer is talking to yourself, and meditation is hoping for an answer.

I agree with Puck El and Grams, I am always grateful for the chaos of this universe, which makes me grateful for the greatest thing ever... existence.

Hotmon , sounds like a quote from "Witches of Eastwick" Jack Nicholes at his best... I agree with El, 100% God has given me so much in my life to be greatful for.

We are all subject to a deity called Randomness.

I said in one of my blogs 'I give the faithful the same respect I might give a schizophrenic...' which is about as much respect as I'd give any human at face value.<br />
Although I am unlikely to approach a street preacher that is obviously in another universe(Talking to themselves, waving hands in the air)...where-as I will approach and question the religious street-preacher.

Peace be on you Sister...!!<br />
<br />
if you are Atheist i've something for you ..~!!<br />
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i figured out there was no god when i was ten how ignorant can you be

Thanks Mum<br />

You were not meant to be!

And Buddha and Thor and Zeus...they all believe in you. <br />
So basically, do whatever you want and they will go on believing.

If you don't believe in God don't worry because he believes in you.

re-prayer.<br />
<br />
For years men have said that the end is immenent. So perhaps our imminent end has been dragged out by the prayers of those who don't want this imminent end to happen in their lifetime.

I've been taught to pray only for knowledge of God's will for me, and the power to carry it out. I never ask God for anything, as far as I'm concerned, God has already given me more than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams - and far more than I deserve.

You are truly brainwashed.

Well said!!!!!!!!!

It doesn't really matter who prays to God... it just matters that they do. Anything we pray for, such as someone's health issues, God already has a plan for. God listens to everyone's prayers that are genuine because he wants us to tell Him how we're feeling, even though he already knows; he wants communication from us. <br />
I'm not trying to push my faith on you, I just wanted to tell you my view on the particular situation :)

you are so very correct there is no god and if there was then he should have no worshipers he should be hated.

There's a lot that could be said here...but I don't have the time to really get in to everything. I just wanted to ask you a question...well actually more then one question. Do you believe in God? And why or why not? Email me with the'll be interesting to me to hear what you have to say.