Decisions, Decisions......

I love music. I play 3 instruments, and I play "at" about 4 others. I sing anytime I can, and if an opportunity pops up to learn more about music I jump on it. It's my "crack" I guess you could say. I absolutely love it! So, I now have a dilemma. A local pastor that I know is interested in having me take on a music program with the youth group there. Great opportunity for me to work with young people, which I love, and a great opportunity for me to work with music. However, this is a pretty fundamental Baptist church, and I obviously do not share their beliefs. I do not let people know of my atheist beliefs in my "real" life (which is why I love these sites - I can talk so openly!!!) so of course he does not know I believe differently. I'm sure it would not be acceptable at all for me to work with their young little minds if they knew my beliefs. Anyhow, I would love to do this, and would be able to do it without causing any problems (I was a Christian for 30 years.), but I would have to put up with all the religious nonsense that I am so sick of. I don't want to do that! ARGGH! decisions, decisions.... Suggestions????
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i would say do it! focus on the music and working with the kids and nothinmg else.. you may not have religeous views in common but you can bond over your love for music..

My deconversion came when I was playing the piano for a small men's chorus, and we were one month away from giving a Christmas performance. I simply could NOT bear the practice sessions. When I announced that I would be leaving the group, and why, everyone practically begged me to stay on just for the performance. I reluctantly agreed, but it was the most torturous month of my deconversion. I swore never to ride the fence again!

If you already have doubts about being able to deal with it than I'm not sure if you should. When I was 16 I thought I could deal with working at a Christian camp over the summer as a kitchen worker. Only problem is I had to live in a cabin with the other workers. I couldn't do it and ended up quitting after only 2 weeks.

true hawk - it would set a good example for us would it not? I'm all about that. Thanks<br />
Godfree - always! :)

"Above all else, to thine own self be true" <br />
Good luck.

Yet at the same time, working with wht might be termed a fundamentalist group simply demonstrates that you have all the qualities and sensibilities which Christians tend to think are lacking from those who espouse the good book! If, through working with these young people, you can generate GOOD sounds; then let the music drive you. <br />
Take the experience and use it to your advantage on your resume.

Well, if I did do it, I would totally respect their opinions and such, and no, no Black Sabbath ! LOL! :) I would have to gear my mind differently to do it and see it only as a learning experience. I just don't know if I can not grimace when all the stuff I think is ridiculous starts popping up. :) thanks for your comments...<br />

Then don't...I've been atheist for years and I still play in a Christian rock band on occasion (I also play solo acoustic/folk sort of stuff which is my personal fav, rock, metal and some classical)'s just practice, I learned as much about setting up a stage, working a soundboard and so on with those guys than I ever did with my other bands. Just don't bring it up, there's no need to confirm OR deny you're atheist so long as it doesn't effect your work. Oh, and remember, you ARE working for a church, so don't go teaching Sla<x>yers Disciple for a recital. I once did 3 songs in front of my parents church a version of "Into My Arms" (sort of a fence song, not religious but an honest love song, some didn't like some of the words but it worked out), The Rivers of Babylon (a la Sublime's version), and then because I was 17 and a ******** decided to close out with Nativity in Black by Black Sabbath...people didn't like that one so much, I thought I did a great job but yeah...don't play Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Nailbomb, Sabbath...just don't :P keep it respectful, and remember it's just a learning experience and you'll stand to get a LOT of experience you wouldn't have had otherwise.

True - i wouldn't feel it at all. May even effect my ability to get the kids to be better ....thanks for the imput...