I Love Watching People Cringe When They Hear 'evolution'...

Being an archaeologist, my life has become all about history. In particular, the evolution of man. This has driven a huge wedge between my dad and I who has decided over the past few years to become a Jehovah's Witness. Of course, anytime I mention the 'e' word I hear, "NOPE. Nope, nope, nope. Man has been on this earth for 6,000 years and was placed here by God. Nope. Nope, nope, nope. "
Me: "Oh, really? How do you explain all the fossils of early ho-"
Him: "NOPE. Nope, nope, nope. Not true. Carbon dating is wrong. Nope."
Me: "Ok, but what about dinos-"

With the proof and evidence of evolution all around us, it's mind-boggling that people so vehemently deny it. Then again, if they accepted it, they'd have to admit that the concrete foundation of their belief system is without a doubt completely wrong, and that'd be a tough pill to swallow.

Why do YOU think religious people are so quick to deny the proof that evolution exists?
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Troubleshooter, imagine the brain-ache you get if the fridge logic kick were to kick in (^_^)

I understood your point, Ward. Part of my point was that I will sit there and watch Star Wars (or pretty much anything else) and just sit there and enjoy a science fiction movie. I don't look for a deeper meaning and I don't usually try to relate it to anything else, real or otherwise. I just sit there and enjoy it. They don't. <br />
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Chalas made my other point, Christians have some hilarious opinions. Just check out Avatar or Passion of the Christ on the same site.<br />
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Can you imagine what it would be like to walk around your whole life in a state of suspension of disbelief?

"Since Star Wars has been brought into the thread, here is a link to a Christian review (with viewer comments) of Star Wars Episode 1; The Phantom Menace"<br />
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I read some of those reviews that I thought were hilarious how they have to relate it to christianity:<br />
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"Everyone ob<x>jects to Anakin being the “Chosen One” born of a virgin. They think he's supposed to be a mockery of Christ. But, I think that's not it at all. Sure, the Jedi THINK he's the Chosen One, but chosen by whom? The Bible speaks of many false Messiahs who will come, looking and seeming exactly like the real thing, but not the real thing. Qui-Gon believes in the boy, BUT WE KNOW HE'S WRONG! Perhaps Anakin is the Chosen One of the DARK side of the Force; not Christ, but Antichrist... "<br />
<br />
—Michael Franz, age 26<br />
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"The fact that what will probably be the largest grossing film in the world encourages people to discuss the issue of faith in God (by the very prominent inclusion of an imaginary religion) is fantastic. The force as portrayed in this movie has many aspects that can be related and contrasted to christianity and can act as a springboard to spreading the gospel. "<br />
<br />
—Aaron Sullivan, age 25<br />
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"…All in all, pluses and minuses. The virgin birth of Anakin bothers me, but it could be taken as an analogy of Christ taking on himself all of our sins. After all, Vader is redeemed in the end...<br />
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Give Lucas his due: he's pointing to a need for people to find God: that is often the first step on the road back home to the Father and Maker of all things."<br />
<br />
—Diane Joy Baker, age 46

Since Star Wars has been brought into the thread, here is a link to a Christian review (with viewer comments) of Star Wars Episode 1; The Phantom Menace.<br />
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Ward, I agree with you 100% and I like the movie analogie

Religion is a crutch for people that find it difficult to face reality. It comforts them and they do not want to know the truth.

Evolution is a daunting topic, but MentalGent says, it is well explained in Richard Dawkins' book.<br />
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On the other hand, it is explained in the Christian's book as "A wizard did it."

If you asked a member of Answers in Genesis about dinosaurs, they would tell you that they were in the garden of Eden right next to Adam and Eve, and that you could see a diorama about it in our creationist museum. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creation_Museum<br />
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I think it is hilarious!!!!!

I am totally non religious and therefore don't have any opinion on 6,000 years,or dinosaurs and deny their existence.My problem with evolution is that i have never in my life heard or read any convincing explanations of how it works.It is not enough of an explanation to me to hear someone say it evolved into that over millions of years,as though the words "millions of years"is an explanation in itself.The fact that the beginning of life on earth has aready taken place and is accepted by evolutionists to exist outside their theory,is not any basis for for accuracy at all.This theory should account for that beginning not take up the story when it thinks it is safe to do so.To even admit life existed prior to the time the theory encompasses is to say the same as everything was there before the advent of our time here began,for example nothing before the last 2,000 years is reliably recorded by historians but we presume it existed.This presumed life before the theory covers at least 3 billion years in time during which time anything at all could have been the original cause of life.

My open mind is what allowed me to make my decision to become an atheist.

Ok....im a Christian and I see what you guys are sayin but what Butterman100 calls ignorence...i call faith. just because you can't believe in something you can't see doesn't mean its not there. don't try to bring down other people by callin them ignorant when you yourself are ignorant for not having an open mind

It's nothing more than willful ignorance. They believe they are right and are willing to lie to themselves and others as much as necessary to prove to themselves that they are. Also the more time that goes by, the harder it will be for them to accept the truth. Imagine for a moment that you were adopted. When in your life would you have been more likely to accept it when you found out. As a small child, or later on in your life, say in your mid 40s or possibly even on your death bed.