Religion Is A Primative Form Of Philosophy.

Technically, I suppose I am actually agnostic, as I cannot prove there is no god.  I try not to state as fact that which I cannot prove as fact.  However, to quote Richard Dawkins, there is as much evidence for the existence of a god as there is for the existence of fairies and unicorns....and I do not believe in them either.

Odd considering I grew up in a good Lutheran home, went to church, read the bible (many times) and at one point, even considered a career as a pastor.

Odder still considering what turned me away from the church and belief was learning about the history and greater substance of that belief system.  The more I learned about Christianity, the less I found it believable or worthy of worship.

I do have to say I really don't understand how intelligent people can "turn off" their critical thinking ability as soon as the topic turns to faith.  What is it about faith...about believing something you KNOW cannot be true...that so many see as good and desirable?
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I think the thing that overtakes men and brings them to their knees is fear, fear of death. They might tout the deep philosophical insights or mighty miracles performed, but in the end I think it is the promise that when they croak life will still go on and by that they mean their life.

Thanks for the comment. While I agree heartily with the notion that one who claims to know as fact that god (whichever flavor) exists is either confused or a con artist, I'm afraid I have to extend the same warriness to anyone who categorically claims to know as fact that there is no such creature.<br />
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I, personally, do not believe gods are any more real than elves, unicorns or griffons, but when it comes to the big (and IMO) important questions such as "Is there a god?" or "Why are we here?" I have to go the route of humility.....I do not know. I have opinions. I have ideas. But I do not KNOW for certain.<br />
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Do I still get to be in the Atheist clubhouse? ;-)