God's Greatness Bites Him In The ***, Again!

God is usually referred to in infinite terms. God is all-powerful, which can be interpreted as infinately powerful as no matter how much power he has you could always just postulate a little more. Infinity solves this problem. Infinity is cool like that but it does often create as many problems as it solves.

I was recently musing on the nature of time and the fact that time has a kind of scale that can be observed by the speed of perception of any given mind. For instance, a fly has a much faster perception speed than a human does. That is why they are so hard to hit with anything. From the fly's perspective, the rolled up newspaper that you are swatting with as fast as you can, seems to be moving very slowly. No matter how fast its perception speed though, the fly is still limited by its physical construction and the laws of physics. A human with the perception speed of a fly could not say change direction as fast a fly due to limitations in musculature and the drawbacks of vastly greater mass.
Time moves faster for the fly than it does for you, in the sense that if you were to start two timers on a swatting attempt, one counting at a rate based on the perception speed of the fly and one based on your preception speed, they would record very different amounts of time. This presumes that we would have a method of objectively determining perception speeds, of course. This is not to say that time is infact passing at different rates for you and the fly, it is only percieved to be doing so. Time can actually pass at different rates for two individuals but that requires outlandish relative speeds to accomplish. Relativity aside; the percpetion of the rate of time passing is very real for minds. If you were to encounter a being who percieved at a much slower rate than you, you would appear to be operating in fast forward from their point of view. If they were speaking to you, it would sound like it had been slowed down.

So what has all of this got to do with God?
Well, assuming God has a perception speed of infinity. You could phrase this as "God thinks infinity fast". If this were so, God could never percieve outside of a single moment. He would experience an infinity of time (from his point of view) in a picosecond. He could never percieve a second instant as he would have had to traverse an infinity of time in order to arrive there (perceptually speaking). Traversing an infinity is logically impossible.

So either God does not think infinitely fast, or he cannot logically exist. The interesting thing about infinity is that when you move down to any figure or amount or magnitude less than infinity, you are dropping down an infinity. In other words, if God does not think infinitely fast, then God thinks infinitely slower than the speed he might be concieved of thinking at. This argument, as far as I can tell off the top of my head, is a fairly sound rebuttal of any version of the ontological argument. Take that Anselm! :P
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ooooh, so if I believe in god then I will know it exists. Right, I'll get on that

LOL at Godfree, you cannot feel God because you are 100 % in touch with your physical and not your spiritual. God is spirit after all. Well if I look around I see everything created. You look around and saw everything formed by mere chance. That is where our differences are. I don't think I am the misdirected one.<br />
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MentalGent, You are assuming that life was carried by a building block to this planet? Where did the block originate? How did it receive a spark of life when it got here? It is still an assumption and although it may be scientifically easy to think of, it remains unproven. Is this theory repeatable? I haven't seen any scientific proof yet of this. <br />
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Shalom aleichem

MG, I must confess a bro-mance

forget scientifically, just prove it (god) exists. I can offer my proof it does not, attend.<br />
1. Hey god!............no answer, no god<br />
2. I look all around, nope.<br />
3.I listen, nope<br />
Ok, now your turn

But the problem is how can one prove or disprove the existence of God scientifically. Man can not even prove how life started on earth yet and they want to skip ahead. <br />
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For every argument raised by an atheist there will be thousand and one arguments against that. For every argument raised by a creationist there will be thousand and one arguments against him in return. That is what I mean. To go in this way will run in a never ending cycle. The fact is that many of those who have heard the Word spoken have rejected it. <br />
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I find your argument/story very thought out though. Someone from an Abrahamitic faith would for instance use those same reasoning energy to reason the existence of God. It mostly depends on your cultural background and what your goal is set for to reason out. I've heard many scientists/philosophers speak for the existence of deity and also many speak against it. Many cannot think that it is possible for anything to have come into existence by pure chance while other may be convinced that it is.

Flyingwolf, in the words of Christopher Hitchens "What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof"

Flyingwolf, <br />
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I find it odd that you would return to comment based on the fact that you deleted my comments on your stories. Comments incidentally that were friendly, honest and entirely about the topic of your stories. Considering the “your kind” comment I suspect that you have a strange and frankly dangerous view of atheists. As one, I am sure nothing I say will convince you of anything but talk to other Christians about it. I am sure some of them will have a more realistic view of what atheists are.<br />
Don't you find it odd that I have been courteous and friendly to you (even after you insulted me, without provocation) and you (love your neighbour as yourself - love your enemy - Christian) have been nothing but combatative and insulting. Something to consider.

The "God is outside time and space" argument is commonly raised when God runs into trouble with spacial or temporal issues. In honor of that fact I have thrown up another story which addresses it. <br />
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I have thousand and one arguments against you but my Word tells me not to get into reasonings with your kind. But what I will say is that God is not defined by time. He is outside the laws of the universe since He created it.

I like it I like it