God Or Batman And Superman: What's The Difference?

Of two things in my life I've always been sure of, I used to be a proud Christian and I love comic books. I just love comics. I got my start with comics when I was young and I read Garfield and Tintin.

I first learned about God from my mother, who while having a temper like a ticking timebomb is also conversley one of the most compassionate, sincere people that I've ever met. She was the one who taught me about God, Christ and the soul. It was amazing and striaght from the heart, what she told me.

Then she made me go to Church and I hated my parents for that. To me, Church was a living hell where I had to sit in a ****** pew and listen to some moron babble in a language I didn't understand for an hour. My family is Greek Orthodox so the priest spoke the sermon half in Modern and half in Ancient Greek. I don't speak a word of Greek beyond "thank you."

We only went to church twice a year but even that seemed to be too much. When we stopped going to church I was so happy.

Like some other atheists, there was a time when I accepted Jesus into my heart. I was at a Christian Hockey camp for the second time in two summers. The place was called Three Hills, I think. Anyway, when they got to talking about Christianity, I sort of tuned them out. I'd always been fascinated by ancient Greek mythology as well as Pagan religion and i held Christian missionaries responsible for the destruction of the Native cultures in my home country, Canada. Back then I sincerely believed that if you were good then you would get into heaven, no matter what you believed.

Eventually I learned at camp that without Jesus, you will automatically go to hell regardless of how good you were. That meant my family were all going to hell. The realization made me numb and that night I cried myself to sleep as I accepted jesus into my heart. When I got back home I tried to convert everyone I knew. Eventually my parents made me see sense and I was immediately full of hate at the Hockey Camp staff. They'd threatened the souls of my family just to make me a good little Christian drone and get the word out like a virus. I was still a Christian after that but I would harbor a deep hatred of Church and organized religion that still hasn't left me.

My loss of Christianity was a slow and gradual process. In Catholic High School, I loved studying Christianity. It was just like learning history. I never believed a word of that crap but it was interesting to see Christianity from an objective, outside view. It was like Batman, I like Bruce Wayne and think he's cool. I even try to psychoanalyze him because I'm such a geek, but I don't for a second believe that he's real.

Actually it was a devout Christian friend of mine who helped me become an atheist. Collectively we talked about our bad experiences with Christianity, but we reacted very different. She looked deep in her heart and despite the odds found God. At first I thought I'd found God, but the more I looked inside me, the more I saw that "God" was nothing but a brain impulse, similar to hunger or boredom.

After a while she and I got to arguing and she brought up God as an argument point even though we weren't talking about religion. I ******* hated that she was bringing God into our argument. I might have as well cited Superman as a source of authority behind my actions. Anyway, my friend and I have kind of drifted apart. More and more she comes across as a judgemental blockhead. Which makes me sad because a lot of times she's been a very good friend. It's just that whenever I see her now, I don't feel glad anymore.

But my final point has to be that I gave up religion and Christianity because I couldn't believe in something so obviously manmade. God isn't real anymore than Clark Kent or the Green Lantern is.

thanks for listening, feel free to comment and thank you for your time.

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5 Responses Nov 28, 2010

As som people astutely pointed out, Batman and Superman are superheroes while God comes across more like a supervillain. Like the Joker actually.

Batman has the batcave<br />
Superman has the Fortress of solatude<br />
God has the land of make believe

Superman and Batman: "I protect people and expect nothing in return."<br />
<br />
God: "Acknowledge what I have done or I will torture you for all eternity!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Similarly, all three have fanatical followers. Though, I wonder: how many fans have murdered or done atrocities because they read a comic book? I know, for example, that my husband is a <b>huge</b> Batman fan but I have yet to witness his decision making ba<x>sed off the fictional character...

And Superman and Batman never ordered or comitted genocide.