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Being Athiest, do you not listen to songs that talk about god, even though its a good band? Same with movies?
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Ah I see. Nothing like joining a group to troll and then blocking every user who disagrees with you. Sorry your thread got a bit hijacked sociallyawk. Hope that through all that your question got answered! Thanks for asking a real question and accepting our answers :)

"So this is why very few were posting on her threads :) Good to know."<br />
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That is because she blocked us all out so we could not post in her threads :P


WOW mystikrage....rage indeed! I'm pretty sure what everyone has been trying to tell you is that we don't believe scientist do/create anything but they LEARN how the world works and why things ACTUALLY happen. Its why religion was created in the first place its how people made sence of the world. back then people thought weather happened because they did something bad..or good if they are farmers and it rains.. but weather is not controlled by anyone...well we do affect it in our daily activities (fossil fuels) but it rains because the sun evaporated the water from the ground/lakes which form clouds which from the wind travel and it rains with changing temp. but anyways off weather...<br />
no one created us or animals or plants or diseases(bacteria) we all started as one cell which develped along with the changing world! Every species goal is to survive and in order to do that they change over time (evolution and natural selction!!)<br />
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Thanks everyone who commented!!! :)

So this is why very few were posting on her threads :) Good to know. I really wonder what sort of sheltered life someone must live to be so intolerant and hateful. Oh well, one in every dozen right? Sorry this post went crazy on you sociallyawk. Thanks for the question and I hope we were able to answer and expand your knowledge about atheists a bit further. Take care!

Oh come on, mystikRage. Stop being such a royal pain, will you? I mean, you've just succeeded in antagonizing one of the most restrained, tolerant atheists around here. I've given up on you a long time ago. You're a basket case, lady. Good luck to your "quest". You'll need it.

So are you telling me that you actually check the lyrics of every song that you listen to to see if you agree with them? What an imbecilic argument!

Mystikrage,<br />
Yes I listen to certain religious songs because I enjoy the music. And your point is? <br />
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I think there's nothing more foolish than someone looking for universal agreement. No one has ever found such a thing. You'll never find it either. Not now, not ever. Do you think you can "convert" me to your I-know-it-all position by chanting it over and over, like a cosmic mantra? You denounce atheism but do not know what it is. You denounce the scientific method but do not know how it works. Where is your credibility, mystikRage? Why should I trust you? Why should I trust you any more than I should trust the scientific method? You are married to your own theory, welded to your own beliefs. You are blinded by your own arrogance, mystikRage! Blind to the existence of viewpoints other than your own, blind to the existence of explanations other than the one you subscribe to! <br />
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You come here into the middle of a post that has nothing to do with your belief and peddle it nonetheless. You hurl out abuses and choice epithets at anyone who goes against your precious ideology. I have tolerated your frothing at the mouth hysteria long enough. I will not tolerate it any more. What have you achieved with your mindless preaching? Just another person who does not wish to hear a word you're saying. You're bad at debate and worse at preaching. You don't know when to stop. You can't see your own flaws but try and point out others'. Well, then, I am utterly unmoved. You have spoken. So have I. Our positions are clear. Any further attempts you make to preach to me will be empty and will fade away into the depths of cyberspace without any reply.<br />
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What have you achieved, mystikRage? Precisely nothing! With that attitude, you can expect the same result, no matter how many people you preach to. That's the bitter truth. Swallow it.

Luce,<br />
It's even more interesting that God would inspire certain people to violently, intensely HATE him. He inspired them so strongly that they mowed down thousands of people for believing in him.

MystikRage,<br />
Surely, you do understand the futility of arguments involving God in a group of atheists? <br />
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I certainly don't worship any scientist, nor do I think we're anywhere near knowing it all. If someone makes such a statement, it only reveals the full extent of their own ignorance.<br />
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But tell me, why are you so hell bent on provoking an argument? Just relax! It's not important for everyone to agree with everyone. Too much of preaching only creates irritation and negativity.

You know, the devil IS certainly a more interesting, grey, la<x>yered character than God in the stories of the Bible. God is pretty much depicted as a one dimensional control freak. Lol

Right you are, TS.<br />
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Well as for the topic, no, I don't mind religious music at all! I actually have a couple of songs on my iPod (here are two : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_APy24v9c3E and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u3SLHrhIFs) which are technically prayers. But I like them, because I find the music beautiful! <br />
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I also listen to quite a bit of rock music, and I certainly don't agree with a lot of the lyrics there either. Who says you have to agree with the singer to enjoy a song?

The laws of science aren't really man-made, are they? Just man-discovered, one could say. The law of conservation of mass-energy, for instance, still existed, back when the atoms that we're made of were parts of millions of different stars and gaseous clouds in space.

I listen to music about or including God all the time. I've got not issue with it. Freedom of religion and all that. I just don't watch movies about god because it feels too much like being back in church. Songs are okay though.

Can't speak for others but I usually don't give a damn about lyrics. It's the music that counts and if the music is good, well, rock on!<br />
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That said, I'm not a big fan of Christian Rock and such. It doesn't appeal to me as a genre, although I like certain individual songs.<br />
Indian classical and folk music is sometimes steeped in religious symbolism, but I still enjoy the music very much.<br />
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Lamb of God is one my favourite bands (although it's debatable whether their music can be called remotely "religious" xD). <br />
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It doesn't matter, really.

I don't really mind a religious view in entertainment, as long as I don't feel like I'm being preached to. I think to disregard all creative works that present ideas I disagree with would only make me as closed-minded as those people dedre mentioned, and it really would be missing out on lots of good music, films, etc. But like chibi Cthulhu said, I'm probably not going to be getting the same thing out of it that others would. We all bring our own stuff to the experience anyway.

The music I hear does not usually mention god. And if it does it is a very general view, so I do not mind.<br />
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I do stay away from overly religious music or movies. They give me headaches.

I still like music that talks about god. I don't get the same thing out of it that Christians probably do but I don't really have anything against it. I suppose I probably wouldn't enjoy a super religious movie, but most movies aren't about just one thing. I enjoy philosophy and I think religion is a part of that. I like expanding my horizons. :)

Only the most hardcore in the spectrum perhaps, though I think most wouldn't care, good music (or movies) is good music or movies. In high school I knew one kid who got all church-fevered in his life, so he burned all his cds except for christian rock...