My Boss Is Religious.

Ive known her since i was a little girl. im 20, shes in her 40s. she use to get high with my mom while my brother and her sons played foot ball.

shes always talking about god and i let her know i dont believe in it. im not mean, i let her chat about it as if im considering it and just wait till its over, but sometimes she gets under my skin. i wasnt always an atheist, i grew up christian, i was baptized and i prayed and believed.

anyway i dont anymore, far from who i use to be. one day she was talking about god and wouldnt stop so i said "Look Karla, i know i must offend you when i say i dont believe in god because you always feel the need to talk about it, defending it." she said "oh no, youre not offending me" i just look at her.. then she said "how old are you?" i answer "20, why?" she then said something she shouldnt have, "oh honey youre still so young, you have plenty of time for god to come back into your life." i said "Karla, how old are you?" she answered "43, why? *then she laughs*" i answer "Karla, you still have plenty of time to stop believe in god. you dont know how youll see it in five years. you may not believe in him ALL your life." then she walked off and my coworker / friend loudly whispered to me "Sharlee stop youll **** her off" i shrugged and responded "she said it first, i just reversed her words to see how she liked it."

i dont mind religion, really, i think god is a nice idea, but so is santa.

i dont have any atheist friends, all of the are religious in some way but im ok with that, as long as they dont be ******** about it.
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I'm with you. I've been in those situations before. Often I find that problem with customers at the store I work with. I get so angry that I can't be honest but I feel like I can't because of the situations. I also don't mind religion. I have had some great conversations with my religious friends, but they also don't see my non belief as naive. It's about respect. It sounds like you have given this woman the world of it and she has not returned the favor. I have people tell me the same thing about my huge lack of desire for kids. "You'll change your mind." Why because you don't agree? Anyway, I admire your bravery in standing up for yourself in that position. Hang in there!

lmfao its a hooka hose

My manager is a right wing christian conservative. So was my previous boss. There is also a young creationist who aligns with Republicans to get some recognition. There is only another guy and me in the atheist crew.<br />
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Luckily, the older crowd do not bring their beliefs to work, too much. The young creationist often tries to debate but is usually schooled by either one of us. The last debate was about the Health Care Reform Law, to which he was against because his pastor influenced him to. He did not know that thanks to HCRL his student sister is applicable to get medical insurance until 25 and that Insurance companies can not kick him out for having a terminal condition anymore.<br />
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I think that the only reason they keep us is because we do an excellent job since I am not sure they like us.<br />
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Regarding the "live and let live," argument. I agree with you. Hey I would love that! However, religious forces do not agree with you. The modern Atheist movement is a reaction to religious forces.

i dont think life is meaningless, i think life is important, and has great meaning, it means, live in the now because there is no tomorrow.

Just thought I'd comment to the religious ranter that life is meaningless and it's people that can't cope with that that need something such as god to think their lives aren't worthless. Well I don't believe in anything, with the possible exception of love, and since life is meaningless let's get on and enjoy what we have, do what we can to help others get through and not waste time with religion. Meaningless and worthless aren't the same thing.

how i see it, respect to be respected, even in an argument i try to make it clear i do not want to have a hostile conversation, some people can surprise you. some just like to test you, say a few things to see if you get pissed, but if you control yourself they decide to start controlling themselves. its just a test of our characters, but yeah youre right, most of the time they are just incorrigible idiots who have no since of respect to other people who are different.

Quite true. We need not tape our mouths shut. <br />
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It's just that I don't feel like I have the energy to argue logically with people who explicitly state that they don't care about logic.

he lost his hearing when he was three years old. learned to read lips. if you are told god will heal you and you are forced to place your hand on the tv while a church on tv airs and you pray to be healed and are told thats enough to be healed and then you DONT get healed, what do you think a little boy will think? that hes not praying right? no, of course he was convinced some high power didnt love him.

heretic, i see it as, we have the power to do what we want, we do not have to hear someone lecture us, we are adults, and no one can tape our mouths shut. Freedom of speech where im from. <br />
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to be very honest, i think the most ignorant belief EVER would be the belief in prayer healing. my father grew up believing in it and was brain washed into thinking god didnt love him. now hes atheist as well, that or he doesnt care enough to label himself. hes disabled, has been since he was three, and his crazy mother believed in prayer healing, my father never had a chance. my fathers said two things to me about religion, one, he doesnt know what happens when you die (thats him as an atheist) then the religiously scared side of him said "god didnt heal me, he heals so many others but not me" in the end, he just doesnt care anymore. hes still a very happy man though, just because hes not religious anymore doesnt mean he cant be happy, i became a much happier person after i saw things differently.

Heh, for some people, the very existence of atheists is annoying. I clamp my mouth shut basically because I have nothing to say. The witty retorts come to me long after the conversation is over, usually causing uncontrollable laughter in some completely inappropriate situation (like a lecture where I'm sitting in the front row).

hmm well heres where i draw my line on my good manors. i think you should back off on that subject with me because i will be unkind.

lmfao chocolate ice-cream sounds gooooooood. usually i stray away from ******* people off, but i dont respect peoples beliefs if they dont respect mine, and she crossed a line when she said that to me, so i said it right back, besides, isnt there some rule that bosses arent aloud to talk about person stuff like that with their coworkers? <br />
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mys, you got it, nail on the head, i soooo dont believe in love, i believe in hate and pain and torture. its what i strive for. <br />
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oh come on, of course i believe in love, i just dont believe in paying on a broken leg and it being healed through god or whatever, its ridiculous and sad really.

In this context at least, age is definitely just a number. I liked your retort, by the way. I tend to just clamp my mouth shut and think about something non-offensive, like chocolate ice-cream.

Here, you have no idea how much i had to control myself with this woman, she could go on and on about god and shes my boss, she even believes in HEALING!! lmfao now that i cant stand to here the most, but i snapped right back when she brought up my age, it makes no difference my age.

A perfect illustration of why religion is a subject to be avoided in conversation with theists. <br />
I do find the "You're still young" line more irritating than I'd care to admit. If you replace the word "God" with "santa claus" in that sentence , it sounds completely ridiculous. Yet, even Santa is a far more realistic concept than God, which is saying something.

lol good for you but, i dont believe in reincarnation. i believe in energy and if you give off bad energy, bad energy comes back to bit you. thats what i mean by believing in karma.

i think god is a nice idea because people wont be so afraid of living, by believing in an after life people arent as afraid. no need to be so bitchy. id hope for my young family to believe in it, i just, cant.<br />
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gods a good man made myth, if it gets people hope, why crush it? i get it, i do, i grew up believing in it, but just because i dont believe in a god now, does not mean i see life as meaningless. i think it gives a new meaning entirely. it means (to me) that this is the only life we got, so dont blow it. live happy, be happy, make others happy. and if some people are happy believing in something not real, so be it.