I Love Being Atheist

Ive been an atheist for over 3 years now and i love it. It really angers my parents and my peers, who are christians. They all think im gonna roast in hell LOL
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Being an atheist can be hard at times (and not just for social reasons) but I also find it very liberating. It's great to note that my life is completely in my own hands and that I won't be judged according to a strange morality which I do not understand and personally find completely repugnant. For a person used to the dire threats and constant warnings of religious texts, that's a great feeling.

What's not to love? Freedom should be celebrated, or what's the point? It always seems to me that the most difficult thing about being an atheist is trying to be one or becoming one in a community of theists. Finding the humor in their butthurt helps immensely, nothing magical about that.

Bxr, If You Mean Living In Reality Is More Difficult Then Perpetuating Illusion And Mythology, I Would Have To Disagree

Freedom from delusion is something to be happy about, It's also very challenging you can not resort to hiding from yourself or lying to yourself or blaming the supernatural it would be disingenuous to not "own" all that you do. And you have to do it every day.

Fine, but I am a little disturbed by your statement; "...and I love it!" I'm worried that what you love about it is the fact that it "angers" your "parents and peers". Atheism isn't something to love or dislike, it is a loss of innocence and faith in magical thinking. The responsibility we have now is to make sure we don't trade one kind of magical thinking for another. Absolute belief in a Utopian society through rational thought and scientific discovery still doesn't take into account the criminal potential of human nature. I would suggest that becoming an atheist is much much more difficult and demanding than most of us think.

Isn't it wonderfully freeing! Welcome to the community! Always good to hear from new people.

LOL. They always seem to think that, don't they? <br />
<br />
Don't worry about them. Stay rational. :)

Chances are, you are the only one in your family who is actually willing to think. People who don't think are easily angered by people who are different than them.<br />
I don't understand it, but it's true. People who just believe what they were always told often just don't like people who are not like them.<br />
<br />
How many atheists stand on street corners or go door-to-door preaching?<br />
How about christians? <br />
<br />
Which of these 2 groups of people are more likely to travel the world, make friends in foreign lands, or make fundamental scientific discoveries?<br />
<br />
I think the correlation is obvious. Religious belief is truly a handicap. Those people just don't know it.