Indivisible, With Liberty And Justice For All.

Man, do I ever need more atheist friends.

Don't get me wrong--I don't pick my friends based on their religion. I believe everyone has the right to worship or practice as they choose. But it would be really nice if, every time something good happened, I didn't have to read ten zillion status updates reading "Yay America! One nation UNDER GOD."

Seriously, people? Isn't there room for me here, too?
MonseigneurBienvenu MonseigneurBienvenu 22-25, F 7 Responses May 1, 2011

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Isn't it irritating how every presidential candidate says '...and God bless America.' Is it SO influential in USA?

We speak for common sense.

Welcome Mon

Welcome! We are glad to have you. The more the merrier here. I get irritated by requests for prayer and god blesses all the time on fb. It's one of the big reasons why I came here. And man is it great.

You go Godfree...

WElcome to the gang,



Funny, I always thought Bin Laden looked like an elongated Sarah Palin

I have started demanding more respect. I "Ra'men"ed a group today because they put up a Bible quote, then fussed back & forth on whether it's ok to celebrate Laden's death. I am about two seconds from posting "I didn't realize this was the Christian Wives group".

On a funnier note, my friend's 4 yr old saw Bin Laden on the screen and called him Jesus. His mom isn't religious, so gramma must've taught him.

You're among friends here. I think you'll find that there are a ton of friendly atheists on EP. We have a pretty rad little community, in my opinion.

i am with u , i really wish that we can talk,

for u it is better to share ur thoughts, believes , even words, even some will not like what u said,say,will say

simply it is u , and everybody else

u have the power to say what u want

i have the power to accept

easy,isn't it