Indivisible, With Liberty And Justice For All.

Man, do I ever need more atheist friends.

Don't get me wrong--I don't pick my friends based on their religion. I believe everyone has the right to worship or practice as they choose. But it would be really nice if, every time something good happened, I didn't have to read ten zillion status updates reading "Yay America! One nation UNDER GOD."

Seriously, people? Isn't there room for me here, too?
MonseigneurBienvenu MonseigneurBienvenu
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Isn't it irritating how every presidential candidate says '...and God bless America.' Is it SO influential in USA?<br /><br />
We speak for common sense. <br /><br />
Welcome Mon

Welcome! We are glad to have you. The more the merrier here. I get irritated by requests for prayer and god blesses all the time on fb. It's one of the big reasons why I came here. And man is it great.

You go Godfree...<br />
<br />
WElcome to the gang,<br />
<br />
mon!!<br />
<br />

Funny, I always thought Bin Laden looked like an elongated Sarah Palin

I have started demanding more respect. I "Ra'men"ed a group today because they put up a Bible quote, then fussed back & forth on whether it's ok to celebrate Laden's death. I am about two seconds from posting "I didn't realize this was the Christian Wives group". <br />
On a funnier note, my friend's 4 yr old saw Bin Laden on the screen and called him Jesus. His mom isn't religious, so gramma must've taught him.

You're among friends here. I think you'll find that there are a ton of friendly atheists on EP. We have a pretty rad little community, in my opinion.

i am with u , i really wish that we can talk, <br />
for u it is better to share ur thoughts, believes , even words, even some will not like what u said,say,will say<br />
simply it is u , and everybody else<br />
u have the power to say what u want<br />
i have the power to accept<br />
easy,isn't it