A Godless World

Growing up in a catholic enviroment wasn't easy. i realized i was an atheist (and i didnt know such word existed either) at the age of nine but i had a deep fear something was going to happen to me if i ever told my parents i was an atheist so i didn't. i waited until i was 16 to tell them, until then i had to endure going to church and kneeling down before a ridiculous theory.

durng those years my sibling became a drug addicted. He "need" (according to my parents) much attention and love because god would "fix' him and make him see his addiction was wrong. At one point they blamed me for his addiction, they said it was because it was a punishment that i didn't believe. i was pushed aside like some unwanted dog after the baby was born. i kept to myself mostly, confined in my room reading book, and doing school work. In 6th grade i had no friends because i was "the non believer" i was a loner. I played with whoever i could find. those who didn't know the word atheist still played with me, I transformed into a nerd, always read books, always had work done, and i was one of the first few to understand science easily. Now after graduating high school i actually have 2 friends. One, whose parents 'hate me because i am a bad influence (cuz you know nerds are bad influences, they'll make you go to college and learn! how horrible is that!!) and they assumed i am because i answered a simple question "what religion do you believe in?" I have also had encounters with the door to door christians  who have  come to spread the good word of god. I have argued the laws of physics with them and the process of growth and development of plants and some animal. The only proof they show is the bible, that for all we know hav been written by some schizophrenic priest back in the day, As rude as this may sound i actually drag myself to the door when they come by just so i can open the door in shut it in their face, im getting tired of being the "bigger" person when all these people are still acting childish. i will act how i want and like them i will protect my belief how ever the hell possible even if i have to go as low as those religious freaks. I may sound rude and annoying but i have had enough with people putting me down and criticizing my thought and life style. enough is enough. 

I had hundreds of questions when i was little about the universe and how we came to be and i still knew the universe had nothing to do with this man living in the sky. So  naturally i became interested in science. Science was the world to me, it gave me reasonable answers to most questions and for those who say science cant answer all questions; thats just because they haven't found all the answers yet. I hope in  my life time the day will come when i will see less chruches and more school and universities. Where people will not be "brainwashed" to the point where they commit bomb suicides. Where education will lead to understanding and the diminishing of this "GOD". 
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Wow are you guys for real? I have never seen God and he's never spoke to me but a the same time have you ever stop to think what if he's real? What's going to happen then? #justsaying

read what i wrote to the previous writer, enjoy Pureone.

Okay, opening the door just so you can slam it in someones face makes you the OPPOSITE of the bigger person. I have never been very religious and was also raised extremely Catholic and somehow, despite the fact that I don't share all of their beliefs, seem to have walked away much less bitter than most of the "children of the church." <br /><br />
I have had religious friends all my life and one in particular is a little on, what I would consider, the extreme side but she is and always has been one of my dearest friends. She is not overy pushy with her beliefs but does tell me often that she wishes better for me and prays. <br /><br />
I look at it this way: If God is truly as important to her as she says, and I have no doubt of that, then her love for him and for her Religion is something that she considers a gift. It's not a burden that she'd like to lay on me as punishment, but something that is beautiful and meaningful to her and that she wants to share it with me is something I consider a compliment. Why get insulted when people come to your door in kindness to offer their beliefs? It's childish to assume that every mention of God is a personal insult to you, when it's not a movement that is meant to harm. <br /><br />
I disagree with MANY of the churches policies and their way of dealing with things, but what the CHURCH does is not a reflection of every religious person who is a member. That's like saying that because we live in the U.S. we are individually responsible for everything the government does when we are not even aware of some of it.... and at least in government we get to vote for our leaders. <br /><br />
I know some spectacular people who are very very religious and I also know some extreme fundamentalists who are ALMOST as insulting, repressive and hateful as half the Atheists I know. Do not fail to realize that Atheism is as much a religion as any other with extremists and circles of belief; their "reasoning" is as repeatedly used and as TIRED as the bible: the only difference I can see in their methodology is that at least some of the church attempts to welcome people into their system of belief by teaching and caring where-as the main tactic of the Atheist is to use attacks, insults and to imply superiority because they are not "brain washed" "blinded" or "controlled" by "insert your favorite demeaning reference to God or the pope here." <br /><br />
And how is the number of churches any reflection of the number of schools? In early America, the church was responsible for the introduction of schools and to this day theology is STUDIED in colleges and universities around the world. Most of the people that went to school with me who actually left for college were members of the church because their families made it a priority in their life. The church provides grants, scholarships and all sorts of funding for education. <br /><br />
I'm sorry your parents treated you as they did and I'm sorry about your brother, but it seems to me that your bitterness is displaced. <br /><br />
As flawed as it is, the church is older than you and me and it's not going anywhere. Where do you think you learned to preach all your bs anyway?

I would like to introduce you to someone who ya might get off on and enjoy..PureOne..go to people finder and type it in, you are both on the same wavelength..bye! Oh, and don;t boogly woogly is with scare tactics from the 2000 yr old church..they suck. stay within your own groups and leave us to ours..

you know its people like you i slam doors at. anyway this is not an argument so don't rebuttal to it, this is a story, and my experiences of it and yes i am sour and bitter because of the way religion has effected my life, and thats the way i am. oh and the the way i skimmed through some of your stories and there is no way i am going to let some drug addict ***** tell me ****. you have problem and i have mine. you handled with yours and i handled with mine and if you don't like the way i handled it then **** off.

The RCC is far from the only culprit in the ongoing fleecing of the poor and destitute.<br />
Protestant churches strongly emphasize the need to tithe in order to secure the graces of god, they love telling the biblical account of the little widow woman who gave the prophet her last copper then laid down next to her son to die only to discover great blessings from a god who apparently can be easily bribed.<br />
Religion is greed, it is the personification of greed in this world and has been from its conception. Throw stones at the Vatican all you wish but please save a few pebbles for old Martin Luther.

boulders to Martin Luther, he was just as ludicrous, and oh, so flammable.

i respect what ur saying n maybe only because i agree,i dnt say there is no god but if by chance he is real he's not the loving wonderfull man they say. n while u have to be respectfull n "do what they say"(for now) soon ul be on ur own n will be free do be who U want to b.u will never b happy doing what anyone else wants u to do.good luck

Catholic is the hardest religion to break from, it's a culture and a state of mind, I'd know, I'm a pagan now, but my good friend, former catholic as well, is an atheist and she caught so much **** for it. Her family basically told her she was betraying her Irish roots...of course never mind that the Irish were pagans first...Catholic Church is a corporation, out to make a dime, why is the Pope wearing silks and gold when there are starving children in the world all dying? Why did the Church greedily hoard their collections during the "famine"? It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom. Guess the Church missed that bit.

Well, it does seem we were all nerds, and into books, and exploring, alternative theories..always seeking, a truth, that was just beyond our young grasps, back then..<br />
<br />
As you all know, i had no pressures, and i was allowed to express my beliefs, to my family of so many different belief systems also..And, why do we have the age of 9, as such a turning point for us? <br />
<br />
I know why for me, but, as i read others stories, why is that age significant to others? Just wundrun..<br />
<br />
Luce, you're compiling the research, got any answers?

I loved this, you my friend are a real threat to the sky talkers and it seems they know it.<br />
With such a mind I envision great friendships and love among real people in your future.<br />
There is a movement directed towards gay youth called "it gets better" I truly believe a branch should be created for atheist youth, to reassure people like you that the world is filled with atheists and other free thinkers who had to endure similar rejections and persecutions.<br />
Let me be the first my friend to tell you IT GETS BETTER and if you need to ever talk you will discover a plethora of insightful minds at your disposal here on EP.