There Is God! Look! There He Is! Dude!!!

Wow, one of the most irritating ways Christians try to prove their God exists is when they point out natural phenomena and say that's God's work. How do they come by such commitment? They never saw him do it of course, all Christian fingers point to the bible, a book that opens by saying the world, including our sun, was created in 6 days and by the end of that week was already populated by humans. We now have proof that this is simply not possible, but people still choose to believe. It is nice that religion can bring people together, give comfort, and grant some sense of purpose, but this comes at the cost of believing in lies. Do the ends justify the means?
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I am a Christian... but I do not take the bible literally like that.... it has many metaphors in it...

I like how Christians get to choose what is a metaphor and what isn't.

You don't get to be a BIGGOT! Learn how to debate or shut your trap!

I think religion and deity worship are just the products of a fear of death, a kind of "how could the world possibly get along without me" mindset

I agree with you. I got to a Christian high school and people are just ridiculous.

You poor thing!
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