Sick Of "god Gave Us Fee Will And He Loves You"

*WARNING* This is a long rant

I am getting sick of seeing religious people using the "God gave us fee will and he loves you" statement.
It seems whenever a good honest atheist talks about there beliefs on religion or how they come to be atheist there is some one there to say "God gave us free will" as if to point out how nice it was for there god to let you be yourself.
Now I'm getting sick of seeing this because religion has been used to control for as long as it has been around.
Christians are the worst of this.

How can some one justify the argument that there god gave everyone free will and then say that there god is loving?
They can only have one or the other, god is loving or god gave free will. why do I say this you ask? simple, you need look no further than genesis. more accurately the story of adam and eve... Here are the "facts" as they see them

1) god is omnipotent meaning he knows everything
2) god made adam and eve with free will but no knowledge
3) god placed temptation within reach of them
4) when adam and eve gave into that temptation because they didn't know any better (after all god didnt give them any knowledge) he severely punished them and the rest of humanity ever since

Surely a loving omnipotent being would have seen all that coming from the start and would never have placed temptation in there way. So it would of been a malevolent act to give free will and not a loving one

Another thing is if god truly did create free will he would have had to set the parameters of it. After all the idea that god created all things makes it clear that he had to of created every concept we could think up before we could even think it.
So why go to the the trouble of creating a concept and giving us free will just to tell us we cant do the very thing he planted in our heads?

so no you god can not both love people and give them free will, not with the way you try to tell us he acts.

Everything they try tell us about there god contradicts something ells that they later go on to say. It makes me glad to be an atheist
Sowel Sowel
22-25, M
May 9, 2012