I Am Not An Atheist

Why do I seem to end up here? It started to fulfill a need to mingle with others who don't need a God to tell them how to be kind. But it seems you are also awesome story tellers! I don't reply to angry people cause they aren't worth the negative feelings involved but that is universal towards all beliefs. I'm not here to convert nor will I be converted I'm here to restore my faith in the human race as I am ashamed of what I see in my life path and so is my Christ! If I am right my God is real your path to heaven will be more fruitful then most Christians. In saying that my God will save us all the only true victim of hell will be the presence of pure evil.
Peace to you all.
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As much as I like being welcoming (welcome!) can I ask you a few questions? I am not "attacking" or being confrontational, I'd really just like answers to these questions.<br />
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1) Why do you think atheists are angry? We should all be familiar with the concept that when you continuously kick a dog, they are eventually going to bite you. Many (not all) christians have attacked us so continuously and viciously that some of us get defensive when one announces their arrival. Not an excuse for the behavior, but it is a major component.<br />
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2) What do you hope to gain here? Do you want a better understanding of humanity? Just remember that anger is not exclusive (or even a common feature -- at least without the same provocations that would make anyone angry) to atheists. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and atheists alike can all become angry, and all can do evil, either on their own, or at the urging of an institution.<br />
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3) In analyzing the way you wrote your post (and many more since I began my studies), I conclude that you place a high premium on being right about the existence of your god. Am I correct in this? For many, the "knowledge" that they are right can only be bolstered by knowing that others are wrong. Again, this is a human trait, not exclusive to any one group, just seemingly more common in some.<br />
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4) Can we have any specific details of what you are ashamed of in your "life path"? Also, can you explain, please, why your christ would be ashamed of this as well? Are they something that you do or have done, or something being done to you? Are you projecting your own expectations onto others, or taking others expectations of you too seriously?<br />
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5) What is evil enough to warrant hell? Are these expectations of behavior linked to cultural norms throughout history, or are the rules universal and unchanging?<br />
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Anyway, thank you in advance. I have always wanted answers to these questions, but rarely get to ask them. I usually get cussed at and called a devil-worshipper whenever I ask believers about these things.

If you don't mind I'm going to answer a couple at a time the first two kinda go together I don't believe you are angry which is why I came here to begin with. I merely wanted to here voices of those who don't need a God to define their character. I've encountered angry people everywhere Christians are the worst because I follow Christ I'm disturbed by this reality. My time here was simply to encourage my own need to define myself not put that on God. Also I found a site that lead to a site the Buddah and the Christ that formed centers teaching others to take responsibility for their own behavior.
I will ponder the next couple of questions and I don't mind revealing a few details I might be ashamed of as I don't hide those kinds of things. And also your reply very tasteful which is a huge part of why I came here. I'm just as curious as you and we should be able to talk and discuss without being nasty. Am I right in saying that?

Hello again. The only shame I wear is the kind given when I tell a non believer I follow Christ and he puts me a group that's made a bad name for itself! The only thing I share with this group is my love for Jesus I don't follow there rules I don't need their church or their preachers... My heart is where I follow my Jesus . Every man has a place to fit in they have no right to judge anyone! My biggest dispute is the presence of hell and who might deserve this fate? With my human heart I know a few myself who might deserve this but I suspect only Satan himself will be sent to hell and even he will be given a chance to make the right choices which are quite simple he's the one who makes it complicated.
On closing I call him my God because I'm not here to force him on you I love to share him and inspire others to ask their own questions do their own research don't listen to one voice but the many. I'm not a typical Christian which is why I've enjoyed trying to answer some of your questions. My thoughts and theories just come to me . I was searching for kind athiest to enhance my own belief in self awareness there are many things we should be doing with or without a God in that way I found what I was searching for. Thank You.

I don't reply to angry people like you my friend. I could care a less what you think of me nor did I come here to be judged by you! As for being a coward you have no ******* clue! Hopefully your nasty comment satisified you somehow I sure got a thrill

I had to laugh because you are replying to someone by saying you are not going to reply to them.

That's ok cause as I was writing I giggled myself cause I know better but sometimes it's hard not to unleash the beast of my mouth!

How many atheists do you see in your Christian groups trying to spread the "truth"? How many knock on your door trying to convert you?<br />
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Leave us the **** alone and we'll leave you the **** alone. This isn't that difficult a concept. I don't like your god. I think your concept of god is ****** and the people who follow him blindly and thoughtlessly are ****** too. I think your book is ******, poorly written, and needed a few proofreaders to fill in all the loopholes. You don't reply to "angry people" because you're too much of a coward to challenge your flimsy views.<br />
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So you love god and hate atheists? Good for you. Find a group about that and go there. Because right now you're a waste of intellectual property on my behalf.