The Capes Of Religion

No offense to the christians, as we all have a right to what we believe. But really how dare the religious look down on the people who actually use their heads to honestly challenge the credibility of faith. What is having faith suppose to mean anyway? As I ask christians this they say it is as though you should throw yourself into it, then God will 'reveal himself'.

I remember when I was freshly saved that even as I confessed God, it was not so much God doing anything at all as it was being taught on how to look at the bible by mere man! How messed is that? Really it is like reason and thought are jettisoned completely void, until the indoctrination is understood and accepted. Only then is reason reapplied and molded into this Christian bias to which you have half witted religious zombies all getting each other off on religion they themselves know very little about.

To prove my point here, as I mentioned I still work for a religious place, I raised the topic of tithing to the 2 I work with. They both ended up attacking each other about not tithing or tithing. Further more they could not even find the scripture to back up their points! Need I say more? If you are going to believe in something so eternal should you not put a little effort to understand what you believe first? I sat there laughing, then they both looked at me asking me what i believe. I said I don't care, then they both started at me for the very thing they could not explain for themselves. Like common here... Get real! No wonder you need a fantasy to believe in if you can't think for yourself! I need to get around others not of a like mind but that even have one first....I don't mean to be cruel but its funny.
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Well a bit of faith is required whether you choose to believe or not to believe because faith is really just trusting something in spite of current doubts (which even a purely scientific lifestyle has). I won't touch too deeply as I don't want to start a debate or argue with you, just thought I'd share my own two cents.

Also, the Bible does say to tithe, it's actually the only time in the Bible where God says, "Test me," (Malachai 3:10 ~there's also a promise here that God will cover all your needs in return, which is the test) but while 10% of your income is the standard to shoot for, in Deuteronomy 16:17, it says to give as you are able to

It is absolutely important to put reason and thought into what you believe. I won't try and shove anything in your face right now, but there is science that supports Christianity. My favorite resource is: and a quick link to a good window into the site is:

So far as I've seen, if you have a question about Christianity, this website offers an answer that makes sense and is easily understood. BUT, if you never go to the site, that's your choice and I'll make my peace with that.

Sorry for writing so much! I really didn't mean to ramble on so long.

Good on you!!!! I am on your side!!!