Ive decided to leave this group because I am not going to allow anyone to treat me with disrespect! I got what I came for and do not judge by only a few as the whole is where the fruit of inspiration lies. I crossed paths with two hateful atheist to you and those like you I feel sorry to harbor that much hate for reasons so petty must be exhausting.
Wonderwoman3 Wonderwoman3
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There are lots of ****** people in the world. You can't get this upset every few times you encounter one.

Topic.com you'll find all the hateful people here! And I do get upset but I for the most part control my responses to nasty people .

Dear Wonderwoman3, I am an atheist and I am so sorry if you were treated unkindly. I went to catholic school for 15 years I know the bible, and all christian beliefs and the beliefs of other religions very well. (As anyone who went to catholic school will tell you part of the theology curiculum is learning other religions and repsecting them) While I am not religious myself I would never call anyone "stupid" for believing what they believe because I would not want anyone to treat me that way. So please dont let the actions of a few give you a misguided view on all atheists. I dont believe in a god. I believe in fact. But i also believe in being a good person and knowing the difference between wrong and right. Everyone deserves respect.