I Don't Know If I Am.

God. That's all everybody seems to talk about. But when you talk about it, all starts to get a little bit unrealistic.

I mean, if you don't believe in God, you burn and have 'eternal suffering' in hell. But why would God let that happen? He's meant to be nice and friendly. I mean, if somebody didn't believe you had chicken last night, you wouldn't stab them! To be perfectly blunt, God is mean, and we can live without him. He told someone to kill his son, he did, then God said he didn't have to do it. He killed Jesus. God does nothing for us, we can sing, dance and 'praise' him all we like, but the human race runs like he isn't there anyway. We have wars.

No offence praisers. But that is my opinion.
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Wed/Fri, you have a most colorful way of putting things. I always enjoy your posts and agree with most of them. Certainly I agree with this one.<br />
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What puzzles me always is how any thinking person can believe any of it. And yet, I have three brothers, all very intelligent. One is secular like me, the other two are Christian, albeit of the liberal variety. I believe it may have something to do with the women they are married to (both fine people, both quite religious), though I am not sure. My dad, one of the smartest men I ever knew, was a life-long Baptist, but many things he said to me and some stuff he gave me to read, led me to believe that he was a closet humanist, closeted mostly to keep peace with my mom's family - VERY Baptist.

Um... gown1000 this is my post... not Wed/Fri's.... just like to point out.... Thank you!

There is no god, and if there was, he (or she) wouldn't resemble anything like what they describe in church. Its ok to be an atheist.<br />
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Now say 3 hail mary's and stop eating from the tree of knowlege.

i see your point, and the stories you've used i tell people all the time! Even if God does exist, what does he do for us? There is no evidence linking that he is real and i don't see the point wasting my time praying to someone i know won't help me.

Your not an atheist. you can tell by the way you talk about your views, you seem to believe in a god you just don't like them.

That was part of my own deconversion story. It took some years before I could give up this notion of a divine being after I realized that God was not anyone I wanted to do with.

“If somebody didn't believe you had chicken last night, you wouldn't stab them!?”<br />
I think hell is more like: «If you do not wish to live in your Father's house, then pack your stuff (which you bought with your own money) and leave!» And yes, siblings do fight and make a mess of the house... especially when they ignore the Father's rules!