Religious Judging

I am a complete athiest. I am sick of being judged because of it. Even my English teacher drags on about God and refuses to talk about anything abnormal. I am worried that if i go to a Christian school i will be forced to pray etc. against my will or be suspended for speaking against God! HE DOESN'T EXIST. Leave me alone!
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1 Response May 17, 2012

Its ok to pray. Its just like wishing out loud - just don't expect results.<br />
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I think as long as you are respectful, thoughtful and educate yourself on the subject, most xian school teachers would like your challenges. Who knows you may even have the oportunity to de-convert some classmates. De-converting people is the best.<br />
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Enjoy life - its the only one we get.

Thanks for your advice. It's just i often tell people about my issues and they sprout into a whole "God with guide you" type of thing and i'm usually on the verge of laughing or making a rude comment. I'm worried about what will happen if i do. I'm moving back to Australia and honestly i'd much rather go to an athiest school, but there is only like one in the whole of the country!