Why Are The Atheist Stories In Religion?

I don't know why people sometimes consider atheism to be a religion. I don't really even like the term atheist because it implies that there is a god, just that you don't believe in him. It's more of an "I don't know" case. There's nothing establishing that there is a god and there is evidence that is in complete disagreement with what the Bible says. If anything this should be in a science-y category.
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An atheist-to me- is basically another name for someone who question things. If you don't like the term, just truthfully say religion is not something incredibly important to you or that you don't feel you come under any specific group.

Atheism, while not a religion, can unfortunately only be viewed by society at large through the prism of religion. So really, there isn't a better place to put it.<br />
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And, no, Sowel, not all atheists trust science, although many come to the conclusion that there are no gods through the scientific method. On the other hard, some embrace atheism because of bad experience with religion, and yet others simply because they never considered a god or gods to be a possibility. And we do have faith in science, to a degree. We must take on faith that a)we exist, and b) our observations can be trusted. More to the point, science is wrong all the time. We adjust and update our understanding given new or expanded information. In fact, all science is predicated on the assumption that our hypotheses are wrong, and we test against that assumption.

All atheism means is that you dont believe in supernatural. Atheists don't believe in science. Science is the study of the world around you. If you don't accept science you're an idiot. Yes there are some things in science that are theories, all that means is we think something occurs or occurred but cant prove it. Accepting the big bang theory or some other theory of how the universe began changes nothing in how we see the world. Its not like someone who thinks the big bang started the universe wants to kill someone who thinks otherwise. We serve no god, we don't waste billions of dollars on religion, we don't hope and pray things will get better because we know there will be no miracle. And most of all we don't spread hate, war, and power like religion does.
I always found it funny how religion refers to people as sheep in a flock.

Atheism is just a name for people that believe god is nothing more than a story. the "I don't know" is what you would call an agnostic. The ones that call atheism a religion are themselves religious and use that argument to try convert people.<br />
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It goes with out saying that atheists trust science. (deliberate use of the work trust as I would not call it a faith and to say believe implies the possibility it is wrong)

I disagree only in that term for the ones that call Atheists a religion.
Atheism is my religion, I wholeheartedly believe that there is no god(or gods, your term is Christian only term), however in my belief there are other forms of beliefs, non of which include deities (for Atheistic religions, see Buddhism, it is one of many forms of Atheistic religions)
Atheists are not the only ones that trust science, religion and science are not contridicting, nor are they against eachother, to assume so is beyond foolish.

Atheism is in reference to religion if not a religion itself, thus it belongs in the religious section. If not in religion than nowhere, this would man the term should not exist, and it should.
If you want to be irreligious, dont be Atheist, be Irreligious, that is lacking religion in any form.

Atheism is the opposite of Theism and Polytheism, not religion itself, once again that is irreligion, lack of religion, not lack of belief. Atheism is not lack of belief, but the lack of belief in higher beings/deities.