Born To Not Believe

I never believed in religion. I was raised in a very strict german-catholic family in a very small town in the middle of the bible belt in southeast Kansas. Try that on for size lol. I was a very skeptical and inquisitive child. I didn't even buy into the whole Santa Claus crap. I even told my dad "Yeah, right." when he tried to get me to believe in him. I was 5 years old. I don't know...I just never bought into the make believe. I did, however, have a VERY active imagination. I was very creative and would talk to myself out loud while coloring. I just wasn't gullible.

I was intelligent enough to think religion through before just following the rest of the herd. I never did fall in line very easily and never cared for being part of the crowd. Even as a child, I preferred being alone. It just came naturally to me to think for myself...I was born to not believe I always say lol.

I am completely against religion, I want absolutely nothing to do with it, and in my opinion, it should be destroyed. The world would be much better without it. Now am I making signs or trying to change anyone or sitting in my room plotting towards the destruction of every religion out there? Of course not...but that doesn't mean I am understanding or accepting of religion. I just live my life and let others live theirs the way they choose.

It is very, very hard to find another atheist where I live because if they are, they are very quiet about it...but I wish they would come forward. I really need some like minded friends. I still reside in the bible belt and in the very same small town in Kansas...with my atheist husband and hopefully, atheist-to-be 1 month old daughter. :-)
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Thank you everyone for your comments and support. It is much appreciated. :-)

There are some that are finally starting to speak up right here in SE Kansas. May not be the same small town that I am in, but I am sure you are close. Check out The Logical Mind page on FB. Shoot me a message and let me know if you or your husband have ideas. No plans set in stone yet but conversations of an atheist community here in the area are being discussed. You are right, there are not enough of us that are outspoken about it, and it needs changed, because there are many out there who still think they are alone. We all need to show them they are not.

Mel, I know how you feel. Two of my best friends are "believers", but we don't discuss religion except in a political context. Wish I could talk with them about my lack of belief but that tends to put separation between folks down here. I decided to stay in the closet and just nod when they talk about religion.<br />
EP comforts me in that it shows me there are many others that share my views. I'm not an outlier after all!

Hey, I gotta tell you that I've been on the religious side before. Brainwashed. Never again. I sometimes still struggle with the religious thoughts but I'm trying to squash them out. Mind over matter, right? I've got my own mind and theories and I'm extremely creative too. I'm a film composer and love it.

Congrats on finding an Atheist husband in your environment.

Nice! It seems like minded people are hard to find in my area too. I was gullible enough to believe in Santa when I was younger. But not gullible enough to believe in god... fool me once! :p