I Am An Atheist, First Time Articulating It

I have had these thoughts in my head for decades, the feelings and ideas. This is the first time I have ever articulated them in word or writing.

I do not believe in any god. I believe that life is what it is: life on earth is at once good and bad, happy and sad, beautiful and ugly. Life is amazingly diverse and seemingly miraculous. Where others see intelligent design, I see billions upon billions of years of change, evolution and adaptation. We are conceived, born and die upon a natural timeline. While we are here, we have the capability and intelligence to create with free will. We do our best, one would hope, to make our time on earth meaningful and loving, to connect with other people in humane ways, to raise the next generation to do their best and improve the world they're given and to treat other people with care.

I do not believe in heaven or eternal life. Think about it. What on earth are you going to do for eternity? E-t-e-r-n-i-t-y. "It won't seem that way to you," a true believer told me at work. She also told me that she believes that there is only one true religion (hers, naturally). SO...

I believe that organized religion has done more harm and hurt more people than any other force on our planet. It divides people along too many lines of hatred. I also believe that most organized religions began as a way of controlling women and the inherent strength and power they have to create life. Men who couldn't control their natural urges upon looking at women demonized them and founded ideological templates that make natural behavior evil and control women in often violent ways to punish them for being who they are. Religion makes people angry, irrational and often murdurous.

Life can be scary and bewildering. The idea of nothingness after death can be depressing. But imposing mythology and fairy tales to make it bearable just doesn't make any sense to me. Life can also be wonderful and joyful. Enjoy it while you're here and don't worry about the end. It comes to us all, it is a natural part of our life cycle and life will go on without you. It's ok.

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1 - Many top scientists, from microbiology to astronomy, see SO much evidence of Intelligent Design that they reject atheist brainwashing & worship the Almighty Creator<br />
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See http://www.DissentFromDarwin.org<br />
<br />
See http://www.IntelligentDesign.prg<br />
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See http://www.creation.com<br />
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2 - Google, more Bible prophecies fulfilled since 1948: Hinge Of History<br />
<br />
Google, Jesus promised that this climax generation of history will be cut short<br />
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3 - See thousands of true testimkonies @ God's triumph in all trials, traumas & tragedies @ http://www.HeInvites.org - alphabetic index of life situations

I do believe in both evolution,but I also believe that there is a much greater power outside of myself. I choose to call this power God....I do know and expect that not everyone I meet will agree with me on my beliefs,but we can agree to disagree,and that is fine with me!! I don't know if God really does exist,but Thats where faith comes in,and I have faith that he does!! I have been ridiculed before for my beliefs....and that really is ok....I would rather believe and find out at death that it was all a lie,than to not believe and find out at death that it is all true!! <br />
Thank you for sharing your story and for allowing me to add my 2 cents worth! ! Have a wonderful day and please keep sharing....after all,sharing our views through stories is really what this site is all about!! Glad to have you as a new friend!! Hugs!!

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At the risk of seeming rude,which is not my intent at all,let me say that I do not agree with parts of your take on religion,I do however respect your right to believe any way that works in your world!! <br />
I don't consider myself religious,but I am spiritual....I agree that we should all always do the best we can,treat others with love and kindness instead of contempt and discriminational judgement..and that we should teach our children by example.<br />
Organized religion really is comfort for the masses,but I also agree that each person should be able to worship,pray,etc however they choose...but always do everything in love!! The golden rule,"Do unto others..." really is a good and honorable goal for each and everyone of us regardless of our religious affiliations!

I agree. I am agnostic-atheist ( Used to be just Agnostic, but last year I watched The Amazing Atheist, and his points made sense to me, and I decided to be an Agnostic-Atheist. ) I also believe organized religion has been extremely harmful, especially if you look at history ( I.E The Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, Witch burnings, etc.. ) I believe strongly in Evolution, and do not see how it can be denied, since it makes so much sense and has pretty much been proven, and makes much more sense than a deity creating everything.