Atheist Spiritualist

I used to be fairly open minded about various regions, the one that I have the most experience with however is Christianity so this story will focus upon that.

I used to defend Christianity from Atheists despite the fact that I wasn't one. I disliked and still do how arrogant and aggressive some atheist can be and likewise the same with religious people. I frankly got bored with the constant war that seemed to be going on, I wish that everyone moved on to bigger and better issues to discuss, such as our philosophical place within the universe, our relationship to nature and the cosmos and the universe itself.

I was always willing to accept the idea of God though; based upon my own spirituality I felt that the idea of a God could be possible. So you could say I was agnostic, however now I feel that I am an Atheist spiritual person, though I never remain long with a specific label and I will likely move back and forth.

In the past year or so, I was close to believing in God again twice. Both times I was driven away not by atheists but by the actions of religious people. It was they who drove me away as well as their God. It was always due to logic that the idea of believing fell apart for me every time. It wasn't because there was no proof of God. But it was that, if there was a God he would be undeniably evil considering what has been said in the bible, and the stories I remember as well as the fact that if you look at the world today. You will see that something is clearly wrong with what is going on. And no amount of "it's free will" can change that fact for me.

I am a humanist, I accept everyone and I try to understand and tolerate everyone. I rarely judge someone; I don’t think it is my place to decide how you should live your life. However I do think you can cross the line with paedophilia, rape, murder, abuse and certain drugs and the like. So don’t get me wrong on that.

I am a humanist, and to be a Christian means to not be one. It means to not accept everyone, to view certain groups as being less than you, to follow the divine will of someone.

Many girls that I’ve been with have always felt a strong need to "get away" because they feel God doesn't want it or whatever. I have many problems with God and religion now that was the doing of Christians themselves. Though I am not like other atheists or my brother who says he loses respect for those who say they believe in God, I am still accepting of people of other views and beliefs. My views have changed recently over religion and I no longer think it is a system that should be kept within the 21st century and I think we could all be better off without it.

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22-25, M
Jul 14, 2012