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I Feel Almost Like A Cheat.

I happened to be lucky in respects to being born to a secular family who already were at best lapsed Catholics to full on Secular Humanists. I've heard the horror stories from my fellow brothers and sisters and my heart goes out to each and every one of you.

I Am An Atheist, but that's like saying a plank on a political platform and not stating what party you belong to. I am a Secular Humanist, one of the side benefits is that I also happen to be an Atheist, a Freethinker, and generally a person who has to think out the big issues because I don't have a book to just tell me, holy or otherwise.

Although I was raised in a secular home, it took a while for me to come to my status. Like the rest of you I grew into my position but I didn't have the backlash of religious family aspects close to home. Sure I had the social stigma of it I live in Texas after all and not in the completely sane areas either.

Too Answer some question posed (which inspired my story to begin with)
1) Does Being An Athiest Make You Happy?
No more or less it does for another person who has chosen a different path.

2) Does being an Athiest serve you?
I like to think it does. Although it doesn't give me an answer, it does allow me to pose the question and then find out for myself.

3) Does it give you a feeling of contentment in life?
No, it makes me hungry for knowledge for my questions to be answered and that is fun.

4) Does it reduce your suffering?
No, but it doesn't need to.

5) Does it help you relate to others?
Here on the Internet - I like to think it does. However out in the area I live in I feel more and more like an outcast. Again, I don't need to be comfortable.
jondoen jondoen 26-30, M 1 Response Aug 14, 2012

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Here's a question for you my friend, and I ask this in the spirit of good intentions, not to spark a debate-<br />
<br />
Will being an atheist ever give you the answer to how nothing created everything with order and purpose? :)

I do believe it's possible, but I feel your question might be a little loaded for the intent of debate.

For one you are using the term "created" which implies a creator. One of which we do not yet have hard evidence for, yet. Also with the term of "purpose" that implies that there is a plan, but it's one we (Humans) do not know. I would assume then this plan was put together by the same creator who "created" the universe.

As for the "something from nothing" note, all we know is that the universe at one point was in the state of singularty appox. 14.7 Billion years ago which was composed of energy at an infinitetesimal size and somehow it lost it's unity and started to expand rapidly which over time formed the universe we know see. In this case the conversion is from Energy to Matter which Einstien figured out with the famous E=mc^2

What came before the singularity? I don't know our understanding and knowledge ends there essentally. If you want to place a creator in that spot then that's fine, but I don't I like the question to be open ended until we find the proper answer for it - should one ever be found.

And just to be civil, friend, I respect that you have faith and believe in a higher power, but I just don't have that faith and can't believe it. If what is working for you is working for you - then fantastic - I wish you well and endless happiness until the end of your days. What is working for me is working for me and I like how it's working at this point in time, should I ever wish to change this then I will, but no poking and proding from you will ever accomplish that.

Whoever said "There are no dumb questions" obviously never met you, Layne. You've had this explained to you easily a dozen times. Why do you believe that ********** is ok? Oh what, you don't? Well, neither do atheists believe anything resembling that BS question you always ask.

CaptainA, thank you for responding, but calling someone essentally dumb is not how to further the conversation.

I believe Layne has the right to speak his mind on EP - we also have the right to speak ours in a way that is or at least makes a strong attempt to be civil.

I'm sorry Jondoen, I didn't know if you left this open to further discussion. I can't argue or debate you into beliving my friend. It was just a question for you to ponder if you would......and thank you for the defense of freedom to speak.

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