How I Became Religious!

When i was a little kid i grew up at Hawaii, down at Kalihi, Honolulu HI

Before i continue may i please ask they you may listen to what i say behalf of what many people said unto me, i herd many things like i'm an idiot and that theirs no god tho many of you well agree on me, and tell me to shut up,

When i was a kid i careless about praying i did not know about praying-more and all that i, as just a foolish kid who would always go out side and do bad things, i when't to a church and i don't think it was enough for me not enough power to condemn me to become that religion i(Christian)
so than i was a Christian for about 9 years,during that time, And last year i became a Muslim which it shocked me luckily i was thankful that i found my way, which Muslims says (Alhamdulilah) which means (All praises to god), many churches talks about Jesus being a god and Jesus dis and that which that can relate to (Christianity)
what i learned from that is that Christian was a tribute religion which mostly they believed in ONE GOD during the prophets times, until they have changed many things in the bible,
the book of the bible said that Noah ark was at, (some point while the historians or -discovery people were searching this boat location that was already place onto the bible which they have not found any evidence), so than they looked unto the last prophet(Mohammed) -holy book (Qur'an) which the Muslims uses for recitation, they searched onto this book and where it has been told that Noah's ark was at that some point-(was found), many people were shocked about this and some believe that; god lives among us, while other rejected and say god is still fake,

The Prophet (SAW) traveled to a place called Bedouin (NONE-Believer) pushes his way through to the prophets Mohammed(SAW), he had a lizard with him and he says to the companion of (RA); that who is that men surrounded by many men's? And the companions of (RA) says; thats the prophet, Mohammed(SAW), he than walks towards the prophet; when he sees the prophet he says;("I swear by Lazzt and Uzza, i hate a mother who has not given birth to a child, that I hate more than you, And if my people didn't think i was hasty Than indeed i would've served your head off your body"); 
Umar Ibn -(one of the companions of RA)- A man of Action and words, HE says to the prophet 'O Mohammed, give me a permission and ill strike this kafir(none-believer) head off, (permission is not granted),
 The prophet than said to the Bedouin men; "That why have you insulted me?  Why have you dishonor me? 
 The Bedouin replies by saying: "I swear by Lazzt and Uzza, I will not believe in you nor would i testify in you, until my lizard testify in you!
 The prophet said to his lizard: "THAT TELL ME WHO AM I"?, the lizard replies by saying: "I worship HE who's, throne is in the heavens, Who rules is on the world, Who's mercy is in paradise, and his punishment hell, 
 Prophets Mohammed than said again to the lizard "That till me who am i?".
and the Bedouin lizard replies by saying; "That you are the messenger of Allah(god). Successful is the one who believes in you, And unsuccessful is the one who -(DISBELIEVES in you),
  FLOWING on the lips of this Bedouin " i testify their is no god worthy to worship except ALLAH(god) and Mohammed is his prophet"!
 And yet Mohammed is still traveling at that point (HE SAW) gives a sermon, And a Bedouin walks in and says 'O Mohammed the messenger of your GOD if your god is so real and powerful why don't you ask him to make it rain? 
Mohammed lifted his hand towards the heavens and says 'O ALLAH(god) make it rain, and seconds later it rained, The men's were laughing and on the other days they were still laughing and jesting to their people it RAINED for 7 days, the Men's were getting worried why? because their crops and foods were being destroyed, So than on the 7/th day they return to the (Prophet Ahmed -Mohammed) and says to him "O Mohammed Tell ALLAH(god) to seize the rain are crops are being destroyed", (Mohammed raises his hands towards the heavens and the rain stops). 
 As more as i begin studying in these Muslim -I my self became one-
and the more i learned the more i felt closer and each time i look back to the world i feel like the world is nothing to me no more just want to rest my soul feels like i have done all my opportunities but i won't die why? because i am under Allah's plan (Alhamduliha). 

Tawi Tawi
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You will probably find that several stories in the Koran bear similarity to stories in the Bible. This is because Islam, Christianity and Judaism are closely inter-related religions that stem from the same near/middle eastern culture and share common folk stories and traditions. Neither Jews nor Muslims eat pork - this is a cultural taboo of the region as much as a religious thing (because pig farming in that part of the world is not economically viable).

Islam stemmed from Monophysitism in early Christianity (which tended to shy away from the idea of a holy trinity in favour of the idea of there being only one god entity). Probably Mohammed was strongly influenced by this (which was especially popular in Egypt) and it was this that inspired his version of monotheism.

One comment I would make is that "Just because something is written in a book does not make it true"

The Koran and the Bible both contain stories of miracles and supernatural happenings etc. So does the writing of Homer and Herodotus though. A question that needs to be asked is this - why believe in Jesus, or Allah or Jehovah and not Zeus? Why not believe in the story of Jason and the golden fleece? Or Theseus and the minotaur? Or Perseus and Medusa? These are all stories that were written down thousands of years ago - just like the Bible or the Koran. What makes one group of miraculous stories credible and another set not?

Or, are all these stories, in fact, no more than the myths, fables and supersititions of the ancient world - from a time when people knew very little of science, of medicine or of the nature of the world in which they lived and its origins. Are their stories then, in fact, nothing more than an attempt to fill in the gaps and make sense of their lot in life in the absence of any firmer knowledge?

no one thing is that we don't believe in the TRINITY its been brain washing people from the pope, who would you rather listen to a prophet or a pope?

Neither, both are liars who perpetrate violence and poverty. And the concept of trinity predates christianity, Jesus was just shoehorned into the concept later. And you managed not to answer any questions asked of you.

this is gods world he rules it the way he want's, if he says you die their is NOOO, hesitation on that, the prophet said,
29. "Surely those who committed sin used to laugh at those who believed,"

30. "And when they passed by them, they were winking at one another (in mockery;)"

31. "And when they returned to their people they returned jesting,"

32. "And when they saw them, they said: 'Surely these have gone astray'".

33. "While they had not been sent as guardians over them.!"

34. "So, on this Day (of Judgement) the Believers win laugh at the Unbelievers:"

35."(Sitting) on thrones (of Dignity) they will command (a sight) (of all things)".

36. "Have not the Unbelievers been paid back for what they used to do?"
Sura Mutaffifin 83:29-36

ill say what he said again, 'If you have no shame on JESTING ON MY GOD than indeed he well take revenge, IN DEED Allah(god) WELL TAKE REVENGE OF IT!'.

Is English your third language?

well English comes first above of all my languages, Hawaiian, Marshallese, German, African.

Yes, he is Amercian. ;-)

Your post was difficult to follow, but I do gather that you have given some thought to finding a faith, and that is admirable. If you are actually in the 13-15 age range, I hope you will continue to search and not settle on one too soon.

don't worry i sont want to cause any trouble just sharing my info's, mind if i do. =/

If anyone calls you an idiot on here, it is not because you are a Muslim now. The reason will be because this will be viewed as spam by many members of this group.