Does Anyone Know Where The Love Of God Goes?

Gordon Lightoot asks the question, "does anyone know where the love of god goes?". The question is part of a song wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald. In reference to the worst maritime disaster on the great lakes. Nobody is exactly sure what happened, but all of the crew perished. When there is a disaster the question is asked. In the space of two years my wife caught an antibiotic resistant strain of staph; and almost died. My oldest adopted son had a violent episode broke out all of the windows in our home, plus violently kicked my already sick wife. My mom passed away. Our beloved pug died. We had a house fire and lost everything we had, plus our three remaining dogs. I got Spotted rocky mountain tick fever and was hospitalized for two weeks. All through this I kept hearing god has a plan for you. Its all part of gods will. We cant see the whole story. Every cliche in the book.

My wonderful wife has endured a horrific childhood of abuse, only to have adoptive parents that viewed her more as a responsibility passed to them, instead of the wonderful child she was.

My three wonderful children had to endure horrible suffering as foster children before we adopted them.

Myself I endured physical abuse at the hands of my Christian school officials. I was molested by a baby sitters son. I was forced to perform a sexual act, then raped by a church official.

Christians love to use the story of Job. How essentially God made a bet with Satan that Job would still love God; even if God pulled his protection away. Even if God allowed Satan to do horrible things. The bible says that eventually job got pissed and started asking god why? God arrogantly replies where were you when I created the mountains, etc... Job is satisfied god restores his riches back plus more az the story goes.

I am transgender, and I had a very rocky road to self acceptance. A road that saw me try to kill myself more than once. A road that saw me trying to quite the feminine voice inside using several substances.

I have asked the question does anyone know where the love of god goes? I can no longer believe there is a god. My question is where were you when the pain of me slitting my wrists became less than seeing my femme self looking back in the mirror? Where were you when my children's birth family left them to care for their new born brother; sleeping in shifts because they were afraid he was dying and they would have to bury him. Where were you when my wife's birth mother let men have their way with her and accepted drugs as payment. Where were you when I saw my mothers body wrecked with cancer, her greatest fear. Where were you as my wife danced with death, five major surgeries. Where were you when we lost our pets, and everything we spent twenty years working for. Where are you to answer for making my outside male and my inside female. A cross I have to bear, the cure meaning a possible alienation of my family.

I know where the love of god goes. It was never there. A loving god wouldn't treat people like this. A loving god is a figment of our imagination.
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I'm so very sorry for all you've been through. Believe it or not, though, the presence of evil corroborates God's existence. Consider the following if you would:

(1) If God does not exist, objective moral values and duties do not exist.
(2) Evil exists.
(3) Therefore, objective moral values and duties do exist.
(4) Therefore, God exists.
(5) Therefore, God is the loci of all objective moral values and duties.

It is faulty logic to attribute a specific cause to an affect without evidence of that cause. Even if we do accept your premise that evil exists (which I don't by the way, I believe it is completely subjective) you still have to prove that nothing else could cause the conditions that you label evil before the only option left would be god.

Did you know that when you give a single chimpanzee in a community something that the entire troop wants and they start fighting over it, the leader of the troop takes it away, and then they share it among the community. This behavior has been seen time and time again, and could be considered a code of morality. It is pretty obvious that chimps haven't read the bible, suggesting that human morality has an evolutionary foundation in genetics.

There's one option you need to rule out that could also lead to a perception of evil before you can just up and assume it is God. What other options could there be? Unless you can list them all with certainty you can't know you have ruled out everything but god.

Thing is, mankind doesn't see acts like ped0philia, the gunning down of innocent children, genocide, gang rape and serial murder as just socially unacceptable behavior, like, say, picking your nose at the dinner table. Rather, these acts are perceived as a moral abominations - acts of evil.

On the flip side, love, equality and self-sacrifice are not just perceived as socially advantageous, like, say, bringing a girl flowers on a first date, but, instead are treated as things that are truly good.

Now, animals don't have **objective** morals. When a lion savagely kills another it doesn't think it's committing murder. When a peregrine falcon or a bald eagle snatches prey away from another it doesn't feel it's stealing. When primates violently force themselves onto females they’re not tried and convicted of rape. Obviously, then, we certainly didn't “inherit” our **objective** moral sense from them.

**Objective** morals do not come from science either because science, by it's very nature, is morally nihilistic. Where, then, do we get our **universal objective morals** from?

There is no easy answer to this Brenda. As far I am concerned I think God exists, I think Jesus is who he said he was, the son of God. I also believe in evolution and that the world is much more than 6,000 years old, much more. Read the psalms, David posed this question to God as well, why are the wicked rewarded and the good die young. Why, it is the most common human question, or perhaps the more modern equivalent 'WTF!'. I share you pain. I think God cannot intervene for the most part because he is also constrained by the physical laws of this world, when he sets them aside you have a 'Miracle'. If he does too many it upsets the natural order of things. It just is Brenda, it sucks, it really does. It doesn't mean he loves you any less or is happy about the pain you have to endure. Read the psalms, read the anger and anguish of David as he called out to God. Know that God said David was a man after God's own heart. Are you really that different than David? Are any of us?

This doesn't really answer the poster's question. If God created everything, he designed the system, he designed the rules, and he planned in all of the suffering. Being omniscient, he couldn't not plan it in.

"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?"