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To Reaperoffaces;

You are an offensive troll and an objectively horrible human being. Anything further you post here will be flagged immediately, no exceptions. I hope my fellow atheists will join me in doing so. Thanks for your input, but no thanks. You came in and took a huge dump on the carpet, so you can be proud of that. But when you start digging up personal stories from the past for personal attacks, you have crossed the line. You are no longer welcome here in my eyes. Any response you make to this post will be deleted. Goodbye, and may your fictional god-thing have fictional mercy on your so-called black little soul.
CaptainA CaptainA 31-35 1 Response Sep 23, 2012

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His arguments are utterly terrible, apparently not believing in a God because there is no logical reason is fanatical. I pity the guy.

I was having fun trolling and being trolled until he decided to make it personal. Absolutely reprehensible.

I was having some trouble myself with a KID called greendaygurl trolling an old story 'Christianity Makes Me Sick' basically more of a personal attack on me then what I had to say. I explained to her it was an old story and also that she was ignorant of her own beliefs by declaring that the bible was not sexist or homophobic.

Anyone who makes an argument personal has lost the argument. I must admit I feel a little sorry fo reaperoffaces, he is clearly very desparate for his literalist form of Christianity to triumph over any alternative views. Unfortunately he lacks the knowledge of science, history, philosophy or theology to put forward any particularly strong or coherant arguments.

When people point out the numerous flaws in the points he raises he has only two courses of action left to him:

1) get angry and confrontational about it.

2) spam lots of material from christian fundamentalist websites in the hopes of burying everyone under a deluge of flawed arguments.

He clearly gets very angry and frustrated in some of these debates when things fail to turn out the way he'd like (which is most of the time).

The more he posts the more his arguments get exposed for what they are - shallow and ill-conceived. He and his ilk do more to damage the credibility of religion than Richard Dawkins ever could.