I went to Catholic school from kindergarten to grade 12. I the beginning I had a strong belief in God. This belief wasn't influenced by my parents but rather my school. We said prayer every morning and had regular mass and religion classes so I was able to learn a lot about it. By about grade seven, the science classes and the thoughts of a few of my peers got me thinking about things in a different way and it led me to atheism.
I believe I had an excellent education and I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else. I think going to a Catholic school actually reinforced my non-belief, but it also left me with a respect for those with different beliefs than my own. Edit: Please refrain from using my story as a debate thread. It was intended to be relevant to those who are a part of this group. That is what this website aims for; finding and connecting with people who have gone through experiences similar to your own. Thank you.
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I went to Catholic school too. To be honest though, it was the worst primary school ever. And the church I used to go to was no better. Full of bickering parishioners. I don't think I ever had a strong belief in God, but I just assumed he was there because that's what I'd been taught. Although one thing they did right was to instill a sense of respect into you.

Thank you for sharing

I agree with you, but I am not really religious. I have spiritual beliefs tho. I went to a Catholic school and know exactly how you grandma kind of wants to disown me because i am "doubting my religion."

Understood. heard that one more than a few times.

That's how the religious work i'm afraid. If you have doubts or don't believe you cannot do anything about that. You could lie and say yep its all true, but you cannot force yourself to believe. If god did create humans he made us to doubt!!!

Nothing like religious training to prove the default position of Atheism.