Athiesm, The Rational Explanation

I am always trying to be accepting of other people's religions because that is what I should do. Judging people without fully knowing them is insensitive and very mean, but I have a huge issue with religion. Most people become religious because they were raised that way, and if i was raised similarly I might have a different view on things. However, my parents told me I could be any religion I wanted and they wouldn't mind. With such an open perspective, my only choice was to learn about other religions and come to my own conclusion. However, once I started hearing about religions from people and reading about them, I started to rationally think about the world and god. Atheism isn't a belief or any sort of religion, it is the opposite and can only be thought of as a rational thought process. Nobody told me what to believe, I had to look at my what had proof and what was based off of faith. With no brain-washing, of course I decided that the theories with evidence and proof and that agreed with physics. They made sense due to that fact that they were proved mathematically and with the process of the Scientific Method. With the scientific method, people are proved wrong all the time and they learn and form new conclusions. Such as how the universe was started and evolution. We use evidence and proof. We don't blindly follow things and we use our OWN rational thought to decide what we think. We don't use what is told to us. Of course everybody has the right to believe what they believe and think what they want to think, but just as a recommendation, for any religious people out there, just consider what you have been taught and forced to believe and what you have rationally come to terms with based off of your own trial and error and proof
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The crunch is that your Scientism or Radical Positivism is too parochial and small-minded a theory of knowledge. After all, on this view there is nothing good or evil, right or wrong, beautiful or ugly. But is it tenable to think that there are no aesthetic, moral or metaphysical truths?

On this view there’s nothing wrong with raping a little girl to death. Why should we accept such a conclusion simply because of an epistemological constraint? Isn’t this a signal that you need to open up the ambit of your theory so as to assimilate other types of knowledge?

Withal, science is suffused with suppositions that cannot be scientifically substantiated, so that an epistemology of radical positivism would abrogate science itself. For instance, the principle of induction cannot be scientifically justified. Trying to provide a good inductive argument for radical positivism is hopeless, since it must presuppose the validity of inductive reasoning.

Even more fatal is that radical positivism is self-refuting. At its heart, this pernicious philosophy tells us that we should not believe any proposition that cannot be scientifically proven. But what about that very proposition? It cannot itself be scientifically tested much less corroborated. Therefore we should not believe it. Radical Positivism thus asphyxiates itself.

God was invented by mankind only 4,000 years ago. We know from history and science
that human beings have existed far longer than 4,000 years. About 3,000 years ago
God was used as a rallying Cry for a warrior people, the Israelites. About 2,000
years ago, more people believed in a multitude of Gods (the Greek and Roman Empires)
than believed in a single God. Then Christianity began, about 2000 years ago. About 1500 years ago, the Vatican figured out it could use Religion to make itself Rich. About 1400 years ago Islam was born and it has enslaved 2 Billion People. There are about 2.1
Billion Christians. This is an awful lot of stupidty to fight. Remember, the average person
has an IQ of 100. Usually an IQ above 140 is required to grasp that this idea of God is
man invented. Man created God, God did not Create Man.

Human Beings have existed for about 200,000 years.

We are an evolutionary accident.

No God created us.

You are among a growing (if only slowly) group of people that are raised in a neutral family. As you state, most are raised to believe what their parent(s) taught them to. I agree that you have made a wise choice to espouse Atheism. I can think of several positives that religion has going for it, but, even without religion, these things are still achievable. The negatives of religion, I'm sure, you are aware of. As far as science and religion are concerned, I think religion should be open to scruitiny as any other observable phenomenon. As to the ability for science to prove or disprove the existence of a deity, there is where they will always hit the wall. Actually, any scientist worth his/her snuff would admit to not being able to prove a negative. Probabilities are a different thing altogether. Any "revealed" religion requires faith to believe and a definite metaphysical approach. Science and metaphysics are an antithisis. Philosophers may try, and have for thousands of years, to figure it out. But all have only added more questions to the story. When it comes right down to it, what we perceive with our senses is the only reality that we should use as a standard of evidence. Beyond that, is pure conjecture.
Thanks for your story and good luck with your continued study of you and the world you live in.