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I don't believe in God, but I'm not denying his existence for those who find comfort in him. I am however finding fault in those that don't follow his example. Those whom gossip, are mean spirited, kill and rape. Those that proclaim war because they think their truth is better than another's. I can't believe in a God that lets his "children" treat each other in that fashion. And yet, we as humans can't seem to see that we are all connected and we are all bound to this moment in this time and should make the most of it that we can in our small blip of existence.
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Umm Humans are... Human, So therefore they have knowledge of Good and evil and therefore they will use both. You cannot disbelieve in God because of the actions or failure for people who believe Him. That’s ridiculous. Human beings are not perfect and they shall never be perfect while they exist in this current state of being. Christians believe in the perfection of God and look forward to the future where God will remove their faults and make them good again. Christians do not place their faith in other Christians. If people do that then their faith is doomed to fail because humans will always fail them.

So, this all powerful being created humans in their flawed form and then blames them for acting on those flaws? Tell me, if God is all powerful and created everything did He create evil?

No. When God created humans He said they where Good. But they had the option, the freedom, to go against His will and obtain the knowledge of good and evil. They did this and because of this they became flawed. Evil is not really something it is the lack of something and that something is Good. Like cold is the lack of heat.

So, god did not create cold or evil? Then I guess they don't exsist. If a lacking creates another state the second state must exsist. God created polar opposites or is that outside the almighty's power. If God did not want evil to exsist and he was as loving as you claim evil would not exsist.

God allowed evil to exist as an option. Being willing to allow something to exist for a time does not mean that one wants it to exist. God is longsuffering towards us not willing that any should perish but that all should come to believe Jesus and be saved. If God did not have rebellion against Him as an option then we would just be zombies without our own free will. Therefore the value to God of creating free willed beings is greater then the negative of them knowing and doing evil for a time.

God would have to create evil for it to exsist. Everything is as God wills it. If He exsists I can not worship the creater of suffering.

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