My Beliefs

I struggled with my religious beliefs for years, tried some different religions, one less conventional than others. I was raised catholic, but I couldn't follow it, because of personal problems that I went through. I've been battling depression for many years, so I just couldn't understand why god was letting me suffer. So in my sophomore year high school, I became an agnostic for awhile. Before my junior year, I started looking for other religions, and I found theistic satanism. I followed that for two years, and then my depression crept back into my life, and I lost my faith once again. Well, eventually I just renounced my faith entirely, and became an atheist. So far, it's been a lot easier on stress. I don't have any problems with religion, or anything like that. What I have a problem with is people use religion as an excuse for doing horrid acts, and when people try to push their beliefs on me (preaching strangers), rather than giving my beliefs the respect that I have for theirs. Believe what you believe, I'll believe what I believe. As long as you don't preach to me, like you're going to convert me, we'll as dandy as a dandelion. :)
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Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't Danton, Lenin, Than Shwe, Stalin, Mao, Kim Il Sung, Ceausescu, Honecker, Castro, Pol Pot, Milosevic, Bonaparte and Mussolini sadistic, mass murdering atheists?

I went through transitions as well. After throwing off Christianity I tried Buddhism for awhile. Alot of Buddhism has nothing to do with the afterlife but dealing with this one. It made for a nice transition but after 9-11 I had trouble with the non violence aspect. I wanted the terrorists dead as much as anyone else. I had to move on.

I now call Wicca my transition religion. I also had to search for awhile before I found reason. Of course, I didn't identify as an atheist until I was in my 30s so you are way ahead of me. :)

Thanks for sharing brother