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Between the age of 6 and 9 I went to church and then my family stopped going and I became less and less religious. Then when I was in 7th grade we were learning about monotheism and polytheism in history and my teacher made a comment that really opened my eyes. He said "People made up gods to explain things they don't understand." Ever since then I have definitely turned down the possibility of a god. I came to the conclusion that anyone can write a book and that it just what the Bible is, so why try to put some kind of big meaning into it? In the battle between science and religion I'm sticking with science!
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The crunch is that Scientism or Radical Positivism is too parochial and small-minded a theory of knowledge. On this view there is nothing good or evil, right or wrong, beautiful or ugly. But is it tenable to think that there are no aesthetic, moral or metaphysical truths?

On this view there’s nothing wrong with raping a little girl to death. Why should we accept such a conclusion simply because of an epistemological constraint? Isn’t this a signal that you need to open up the ambit of your theory so as to assimilate other types of knowledge?

Withal, science is suffused with suppositions that cannot be scientifically substantiated, so that an epistemology of radical positivism would abrogate science itself. For instance, the principle of induction cannot be scientifically justified. Trying to provide a good inductive argument for radical positivism is hopeless, since it must presuppose the validity of inductive reasoning.

Even more fatal is that radical positivism is self-refuting. At its heart, this pernicious philosophy tells us that we should not believe any proposition that cannot be scientifically proven. But what about that very proposition? It cannot itself be scientifically tested much less corroborated. Therefore we should not believe it. Radical Positivism thus asphyxiates itself.

I has evidence behind it, while religion is based on blind faith and so clearly lacks logic.

I agree but also the fear of death is also at the heart of most religions. They can not imagine no longer exsisting or that dead realitives and friend no longer exsist. A fairytale helps them cope with death.

Death is my worst fear, but at least as an atheist I know the truth and do not live in an illusion. Still, I sometimes wish I could escape this awful fear so I understand how people might cling close to religion when thoughts of death arise.

I totally agree! The bible was written by so many different people that trying to live by all of it is completely impossible. See the book "The Year of Living Biblically." Christians say Homosexuality is a huge sin, but seem to forget things like wearing mixed fibers is also a sin. Go Atheism!