God Flew Away

GOD was probably the first or last 3 letters on the ship that arrived to see their offspring born safely.
Mary was inseminated by god??????
Mary was inseminated by 'visitors' that wanted to know if their species could mix with the indigenous species of the planet they had just found.
The 'Star' that the wise men followed was the ship
The angel that visited the shepherds was one of the visitors
The light that shone onto the birth was a beam
The child grew with powers given to him by his ancestors
He healed the sick, he gave sight to the blind, he made loaves and fishes go a hell of a long way (probably a replicator - cloner)

You know what really keeps biting at my ***?

If the human race really did crucify this 'alien' then why didn't they return to wreak havoc upon this world?????

Theory 1:
Their race died out before they could make it back to our solar system

Theory 2:
Maybe they are on their way back, maybe the Mayans had a connection
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Happy Thursday!

Interesting take but "claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence." Where's your evidence?

Son of God needed only to redeem man once. Outside of natural disasters we've created our own delemmas. Think about it if man put away all his swords and made them into plowshares, what a wonderful world this would be. All our energies would be redirected into improving the human race. No more disease or poverty, hunger. And how much would technology take off if it used to better the human condition instead of greedily hang on to our possessions while other suffer.

You'd be absolutely right accept for one thing.You think that this life is everything there is. This life is very short whether you live till 10 or 90. We all die, whether it's from a disaster ,Cancer or old age. This life is just a start and some day we'll all meet our God face to face but in the spirit.Your life will continue in the spirit for all eternity.

Mockery is the last thing on my mind with such a serious content. But with all the death, disease, famine, poverty and torment around the world, don't you think If there is such an omnipotent being as "GOD" he would have done something by now? Instead of bringing more tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis.
Perhaps "GOD" thinks its time to be "redeemed" again and is just wiping us out slowly, rather than giving us a flood again.
I suppose even all powerful beings must have a sense of humour

Your absolutely right. That is why we need redemption. Not in this life but the life ever after. This "half breed as you, call him" was the son of God, himself. This is a matter of faith. Faith means you have a choice to believe or not to believe. But mockery won't change reality

So, because this half-breed was mistreated, misunderstood, feared and finally murdered, its made us all better people? Please, look around you. Read the papers, watch the news.
The human race is a vile disease that threatens to kill this beautiful planet

The aliens never sought vengeance because he was sent to redeem people from there sins and his death made that redemption possible. Now we too will join the aliens in eternal life.

He played dead. Then Scotty beamed him up.

I like the concept. It would explain the Shroud of Turin.