My Sister Is An Obnoxious Atheist

I'm an atheist myself because I don't believe in God and don't follow what the holy books have to say. My parents believe in God and I'm okay with that, I also respect the religious views of those who believe in God as well.

My sister though? Wayyy different story.

In my opinion, I think everyone deserves to believe in (or not believe in) what they want. The idea of religion or non-religion starts to irritate and upset me when people try to forcefully or disrespectfully impose their views on others. My sister happens to be one of those people.

The thing is, she's been an atheist for quite some time (that I'm aware of), but it wasn't until recently that her need to impose this became unbearable. She calls people out for believing in God and challenges them to debates, or she creates discussions demanding that people explain their faith and why it's logical. Every time something on TV comes on that even mentions God or a religion in general, she starts talking about how ridiculous it is, or how useless it is.

I'm sure many of you heard about the recent shooting at that elementary school in the USA? It was incredibly upsetting, and of course, there are people out there who are "praying for the victims".

My sister went on a tirade about that. Basically anyone who was out there praying for the victims and their families, she would say that prayer is useless and is an excuse for action. She says that prayer only makes the person praying feel better about it and doesn't actually do a damn thing.

Her seeking out believers (Christians mostly) and arguing with them about their faith is really starting to **** me off. She rants about how she hates people trying to impose their religion on her, yet she's doing the same thing going out and telling people that their religion is illogical, it's infuriating!

I'm not even sure how to approach her about the matter, because she's an incredibly stubborn person and once she's stuck in her ways it takes a lot to sway her. What upsets me the most is that our parents are religious and I know they'd be absolutely crushed if they learned that their daughter was acting this way. Any ideas on how to approach the situation??
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Haters will be haters. She will simply have to work things out for herself. I have a sister like yours. But it is nice to read a letter from a reasonable atheist. Thanks for your thoughts. :) And i hope you take this the right way when i say, Blessings to you.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days

Thanks <3