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I was raised, I suppose, more agnostic more than anything. Church was an every once in awhile thing, mostly when I was with my grandmothers. I would usually play with toy cars under the church seating or color some lamb in sunday school. We observed the typical Christian holidays, mostly out of habit and my parents would reference some New Age and Buddhist philosophies here and there. I actually didn't know the whole birth of Jesus Christ story was taken seriously until I was 13 when my religious friend was speaking about it. I thought it was like any other fictional story. I had a very scientific mind, very young. I didn't believe in miracles or magic, I believed in what could be observed. If I wanted to know why there are so many breeds of dogs or why there are two recognized sexes, I would look it up. I figured there is something beyond what we know but it wasn't so much in the "if your sinful you'll get smitted and go to hell" kind of way. I had a theory when I was 3 that we went to heaven and aged down and then we are sent back to earth. I was not aware of the idea of reincarnation.
Anyways, I suppose my atheism or teapot atheism came with my understanding of science.

But that's beside the point that I would like to bring up. Does anyone get a bit annoyed when a Christian renounces their faith just because they are going through a hard time or have been dealt a poor hand. They would say "I don't believe in God" or "I hate him" or something along those lines. I think they are not atheist in themselves just a pissed off kid saying they hate daddy. Personally, I feel like you can only be a true atheist as long as you have no hard feelings because the idea of a Christian god or any other god is all imaginary. Yes, I would like people to see the hypocrisy in their and other religions and I would also like people to look out the outstanding evidence and not just blindly step into something... What do you guys think?
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I was pretty close - without the scientific background. Always believed people did not take seriously such primitive beliefs - it looks so obvious to me that they were man-made. I remember my disappointment when I realized many were serious about it ... I was 13 only.

I'm a former Christian, and I'm currently living in a house of Christians in which only one knows that I'm an atheist. I told my aunt this past weekend that I haven't been Christian for a while, and have since tried to explain to her why the logic in religion, specifically Christian Fundamentalism, just doesn't make any sense. When I try to argue these things to her, she'll reply with something like, "You just have to believe and trust in God, even when things don't make any sense at all." Now, I take this as a form of mind control to keep you from questioning your beliefs. I also think that it serves the purpose to keep the believers from leaving. They're also told that if they do question their beliefs, that it's the devil getting inside their heads, so they live in fear of that as well. This is why it's so difficult to escape it, and also why it's so hard to successfully argue your points to them-because even if it makes absolutely perfect sense, they simply won't understand it and they'll just brush it off their shoulder. You might as well be talking to a turtle, because anything you say is just gibberish to them. It's very difficult to understand someone else's reality when you're living in your own, maybe even impossible.

Good story @neuronerd. As a newby at Atheism, I can proudly say that it has been the best decision of my life. Due to tragedy and a close family member going extreme, crazy, looney Christian on me. My eyes opened to a new found freedom, I work harder, I play harder, think harder, I have beter moral values, whatever I do, I do it for me, not to please a pie in the sky. I wish all Christians can open their eyes and stop living in fear.

Well, you can hardly fault people for giving up god due to a tragedy. Their "faith" was at a lower level then many, so they were already closer to our side. While it would be great if they instead chose to examine and then step out of their god beliefs, that's a type of knowledge that can't be put on folks. Has to come from within.