People think that because i am an open Atheist and not afraid to say my opinion or **** youoff in the process that im a Satanist. Wow nice one society
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Why are all these people spamming? I dont go into christian chats and start spouting off...

Let me ask you all this-if you invited a friend to come live with you-you would at least exspect them to respect you ,and not steal from you or rob you blind(you have a agreement-right?)
Now let's say that so called friend-back stabs ya(and robs you blind) what would be your
first reaction? Revenge,wanting to get even. and as much as you all do not want to acknowledge the possibility of Gods very exsistance-you must at least get some of your facts correct be for fighting against it. See if you were to look at God as a Creator of
all things and not as a religion: You would see that God wanted to share what he had
with man-but set rules and consequences. Man agreed to it,that is why God is explained
as being as a angry God. Because they agreed to it,then turned around and partook
in other Nations/ Man made Laws,making false idols & gods,alters and burning there own
children and forgetting God the Creator and the Laws which he had commanded. God
asked they return from there way's,saying if you repent-i will forgive you-sending it by
the way of his prophets. However they did not want to listen(therefore they broke his
laws and wherefore they were punished for it. He told them let your false gods save you,
from your punishment: God destroyed there cities & Nations in way of Fire and other means. Needless to say they found out who the true God was. See in the beginning
God had made a tabernacle with specific Laws/Once a Year Man was to make attonement
for there sin by the Priest for the people his house. Each Man from Each Tribe(Priest)
the 12 tribes. See then these men if they broke just one Law(they would be punished)
for it.. See the reason Jesus came and died on the cross/was to do way with that-
as when you except him in your life(all sins-every aspect of that Law-is forgiven)
Meaning all sins are washed away,gone forever and never to be remembered of again.
That man, does not have to keep asking for forgiveness like in the beginning. They ask
The Lord once and mean it. So therefore those who try to say God is awful hates us
and such(are so wrong). If people spent the same time they did to try and go against
it as they do in religion and theroy-educated guesses(maybe they might just see difrently)
and if you are gonna go against it at least read the bible so you know exactly what your
going against. The choice is yours to make-and your entitled to your all's opinion,as well
as i am. But it's not what about any of us think-the final judgement is Gods. And we all
will and have are part in his final judgement.

Everything you said means absolutely nothing to those of us that don't believe in a "Creator ". Blah , blah, blah. Atheists never do the preaching ....we keep our mouth shut and smile while those that believe tell us what WE will face for not believing.
I am surely going to "hell " for saying this, but i find that the belief in any God is a childish notion. Not believing, does not make me wrong.

Majority of those who satanists or pagans etc on there death beds turns there soul over to GOD. If you do not change your ways, you will not go to heaven, you will go with the fire.

wahwahwah, *****.

Like i said.....people are just stupid. 9.9 To be fair, though....i know two christians who actually 'live up' to it. On the other surronded by many more who dont.XD Same with other religions.

i know right.So many people clam to be "Christians" but "sin" so much to be prove other wise

And then,even when it hurts others, they're like "HOW CAN YOU EVEN MENTION THAT!? IT WAS COVERED BY GRACE! IVE BEEN FORGIVEN!" -_-


I actually used to be one of them....then i took a look at everything i'd been taught. (/)-.-) And its like, people shouldn't be getting like this. I didn't choose this to be made fun of. I didn't choose it because it was appealing. I chose it because, according to my information, it was the TRUTH. If you have a choice....then its not the truth, is it?XD

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IKR? People are just stupid.... i'm in a 'christian' family....i havn't had the guts to tell THEM im an atheist....but i think they know. The sh** me and some of my friends have sorry people are idiots.

I think its funny.Its not just the fact that i dont believe in god though.They know i cut myself,i have sex and that im bisexual.Every time they tell me im a satanist i ask why they were out side my window to know such a thing i didnt even know about myself XD