Atheists, Want To Be Rich? $$$$$$$

The Gene Emergence Project has sponsored an event called The Origin of Life Prize. They are currently offering 1.35 million dollars to anyone who can offer a credible, verifiable and reproducible explanation of the origin of life. The prize has gone unclaimed, hurry up, you can bring up your imaginary stories of protein synthesis occurring in water!
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Sounds just like the miracle contests that have occurred in the past, where people offer a million dollars to show a proven miracle, or proof of god, etc etc etc and they never need to pay up.

lol, or that guy who would throw a glass bulb every day and pray to God it doesn't break.

"credible" and "imaginary" make your statements contradict each other. And if wanted to claim I knew how everything started, and with imaginary stories, I would refer to "A Song of Ice and Fire." George R.R. Martin offers up several faiths (The Drowned, the Seven, R'hllor) while the authors of the Bible give me only one. I like options.